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I'm a Indigo psychic and now tarot card reader.

by Lynn Kozelka
(Houston,Texas, U.S.)

Spirits Here and Beyond

Spirits Here and Beyond

I had worked as a Psychic, for a number of years own my own. However, once, you get older, (past 40), the younger, prettier psychics, get the employment. I had to take on the work that the younger psychics would NOT take on. I'm referring to working in haunted places of residents. They couldn't rent out the place, because it was haunted, nor sell the houses, for the same reason. I was also told as a psychic to learn to use the TAROT CARDS, for even other psychics, (at least somewhat), would like to see it in the cards, just to confirm their own information. Now I am a part of the Texas paranormal society. I have a degree as a Psychiatric Associate. I was taught to take care of Traumatisation cases.

Ghosts are, 99% of the time murder victims. Other people, will be able to feel the size, and shape ,as well as determine the gender, of the ghosts. The only difference, between, me and them, is that I can hear what they say. If there is on object of traumatisation there, (a bed that they died in after being stabbed or something that has been used as a murder weapon), it must be removed, or they won't leave. The younger Psychics, are usually not mature enough to handle this stuff. I still will do my Psychic /& or tarot reading work when given the opportunity.

My name is Lynn R. Kozelka. If you have a haunting, you can write to; My name is under my picture. For a Psychic& /or psychic reading , I can be reached for entertainment only, 18 or over,( required by law) that I say that. I'm accurate. You make the call, 1-888-626-7386. I'll appreciate your call!!!

By the way my tarot card book was written by the President of the American Tarot card Association, and has 32, different meanings per cards. I have work, as a Psychic, even without them, for over 15 years. I'm a real caring listener, and understand your worries and concerns, having also worked as a Psychiatric associate, specializing in adults. I'm Freudian. I also have training in marriage counselling.

I have reunited estranged couples. Helped people find their soul mates, family related problems, ect... I'll give you the benefit of not just my clairvoyant skill, but also my fine education. I do Pet psychic work too!! I have worked on a Psychic phone line before, with lots of call back customers. I'm sure that you will be pleased.

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