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I'm An Indigo Adult

by Jeepster
(Coventry UK)

Me And My Shining Star

Me And My Shining Star

I've only just discovered I'm an indigo adult! I've gone through life absolutely convinced I'm not part of my family. I have brown hair, brown eyes and I'm left handed. My parents, brother and cousins are all the opposite. I've never really fitted in anywhere or with anyone, especially at school, yet I'm quite out going and chatty. I just don't look at the world the same as other people do. I get upset at animal cruelty, the way we are killing Earth yet I have no interest in politics and the day to day things that going on around me. When I do find something to have a soap box moment about, I seem to be the only person that views it the way I do!

Having struggled to get to the ripe old age of 42 always questioning myself and who I am and why I'm so different to other people, I stumbled across Indigo Children. I was in awe of what I read! It was ME! From start to finish it described ME! Finally, my search to find myself is at an end. Now I know who I am and where my life path is leading me. :)

This is my new soap box and yet again, people think I'm mad but this time I'm really NOT listening to them.

I'm new to all this, I've suddenly found Indigos and out of the blue I found Angel Cards and I'm doing so many readings a day that I'm struggling to keep up. I'm also learning Chakras and doing reports. I wouldn't have thought I could do these things once upon a time, but now everything is falling into place.

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Dec 13, 2010
Am I An Indigo Adult
by: joy

Hi my name is Joy I?ve read through the list of signs to see if I?m indigo.. I don?t have ADHD. I do feel out of place most all my life. I?m very sensitive to people. I hated school, I wanted to be outside. Math was the worst for me. I felt dumb they put me in special classes. I have a leaning issue so they said...

I?m 44 now and no better other than that I may struggle less with a few issues. But dumb isn?t one of them. I guess I?m looking to make sure that indigo is what I really am?

Has anyone an answer to that question please?.

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