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I'm an Indigo Child of light

by Rocky Lege'
(Eunice Louisiana )

My name is Rocky Lege' I was born on December 6,1978 at 4:59 pm. Ever since I was a little boy I knew in my Heart I was different than everyone. And I would always wonder if everyone else felt all these feelings like I did and knew what I did about the planet and ourselves how could they not do nothing? Or how did they function regular?

Well they didn't and neither did I. I've had my battles in life and have been Searching & Searching for the truth. My truth and My purpose and then one day it's like something Woke up in me and everything has been falling into place finally.

I have just began to awake but already I can sense how strong I will be and My Knowing and Remembering gets stronger daily and the old ways of what my life was have finally started to fade away.

I am on a quest that started lifetimes ago and My Time to Help My World and take my Rightful Place in My Multidemensional Crystaline Body Is Finally within Reach.


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