Im an Indigo

by Eve
(The World)

Life as you know it is changing, be prepared<3

Life as you know it is changing, be prepared<3

I'm an indigo, I have all the traits (but never liked the name, I prefer old soul) of one but I can't seem to find where or how to start my work as an indigo. Since I was a kid I felt connected to life itself, I felt nature was a companion and a friend and a great mother.

I know there's a creator but none that a man could comprehend. I know the spiritual and the scientific people aren't enemies like the media projects.

I felt, heard and saw spirits from time to time as a child. I do now but I try to block it out. I often can just read people even if there not near or visible. I can sense various degrees of spirits when I connect myself to the universe and the spiritual, through deep meditation. I have been known to lose battery power in watches quickly and have lights on the streets turn off on me.

I always hated school, after I found out its true purpose of mind numbing generic repetitious work to cause conformity, or better said a socialite's mind. I often didn't participate in school because it was boring and not interesting. They labeled me with a learning disability and pushed me off to another school for being different. In both schools kids thought I was very strange but they never knew why.

I often worked with magic and talked to a familiar I had who helped me connect to the spiritual more easily.

I tended to surprise many people because I could grasp complex spiritual avenues as well as scientific aspects with ease, since I was a little girl. I always loved God, but not what man has made him into. I know something is about to change this world drastically, but the inability of the social mind causes them to not see it, but I know they feel it; they just don't have the words for it.

Evolution can't be avoided, it has its place and you can't stop it. Prepare for things you don't understand. I get premonitions, see orbs, and hear spirits. Try telling that to your average person and see the hate and fear in their eyes.

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