I'm lost...

by Olga Lunina
(Seattle, WA)

This is me in the picture.

This is me in the picture.

Hi Everyone! My name is Olga, I'm 22. Since my childhood I felt very different, I had different interests and I could imagine things (my goals or dreams) easily, then after all they would come true. I have a strong feeling of intuition; I can feel people's feelings towards me, or what's going to happen next. I really want to learn how to control all this. Sometimes I think maybe it's just my imagination? I remember feeling myself that somewhere in the past I was someone well-known and was killed in the age of 30-40...

I come up with different story scenarios easily, always interested in other people's psychology, religion, and motives. I always wanted to achieve something really big in this life, something that would change it. I was always interested in performing arts, music, and poetry. And since I was a little kid I always saw myself as a performer, and right now I'm feeling like it's coming my way very soon... People tell me that they feel a huge amount of energy coming out of me; they feel good after talking or hanging out with me.

Many times I feel depressed and lost, like I don't know what to do and I can't concentrate, love to stay alone in those times. When depressed I love to look at the water (ocean) while wind is blowing in my face. Love traveling, and history, when reading about some historical event I feel like it's about me and I was there then..

Also, as I'm originally coming from Ukraine, I remember in the 5th grade I was telling all my classmates that me and my family are moving to States, then nobody was planning that and no one knew, later on my parents thought our chances are equal to "0", but I still had a strong feeling and even could see it in my head how we were arriving to States, the airport and everything...weird..

I strongly believe in God and when I'm praying I always feel like he is sitting next to me and listening, so I just talk to him, instead of regular prayer.

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