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I'm not Weird, I'm an Indigo!

by Bren
(Florida at the moment)

What, just one story? HA!

Let's start by saying I have been branded my entire life as "weird".

I've been told I'm not a good listener because I know what people are going to say before they say it, and they get freaked out when I reply to their question before they're verbalized it.
My friends use me as a pregnancy test. I can tell when a woman is pregnant, many times before the mother herself is aware. I've been asked to guess the gender of people's babies many times and I haven't been wrong yet. That's because I don't guess, I see the souls and can talk to them.
I'm happiest being alone, and when I'm in a crowd, say dancing at a concert, I am in my own little world.

People think I don't pay attention- I might not be able to tell you what color car just passed by, but I can tell you what mood the driver was in.

I don't ever voluntarily look people in the eyes, but when I do, I look into them, not at them. Boy, does that freak people out! I don't mean to, it's just how I see.

I can not sleep if the sheets are crumby or wrinkled, if there is a light visible, if there are any weird smells or sounds, or if I'm next to someone who is having scary dreams. I can not keep my eyes open during long car trips, good storms, or if I read something that needs to be meditated on. I have gone years at a time without having any dreams- I had that checked by another psychic and her reply was that I wasn't dreaming because when I sleep, I go work my other bodies in other dimensions. I agree with that.

I am not particularly sexual- there are times when my poor husband wants to and I'd really rather read a book or meditate because to me, learning is so important and if I'm in the middle of processing, it's frustrating to have to stop and switch tracks. Don't get me wrong, we're great together and I think he's sexy as hell. I've never had a sex dream, ever, which from what I understand is really bizarre.

I have always learned things really fast, which got me put on Ritalin as a kid because my teacher thought... well, I don't know what she thought, but she was very relieved when I came to school drugged and actually sat and listened to her.

I never got along with people the same age as me until I hit my mid-twenties. I preferred people much older or much younger. Older people were sometimes freaked out by me, but they were more on my level intellectually. Younger people didn't realize I was so different from others my age and they thought it was cool that someone who knew the things I did wanted to play with them. My husband is seven weeks older than me and he's an indigo, too, but I'm on more of a book smarts level than he is. We just have different abilities, which works really well, but he tells me all the time I make him feel stupid because I spell better, write better, read faster, and I get frustrated when we try to do something together on the computer. I try really hard to just let him do, but I get bored and my mind wanders and by the time he's caught up I'm a million miles away trying to mentally entertain myself. There are things he's better at than me and it doesn't bother me.

I never made it through an entire year of high school. I went out and lived my life, got trained as a healer and developed my psychic gifts instead and got my GED when I was 21. I didn't finish college, either, but I tried. I completed 122 credits and never got a degree.

I moved a lot when I was a kid due to my mothers job, and never really put down any roots. My family died, so I started having kids and made my own family.

I never stopped moving around, either. I've frequently just up and left, for various reasons and all of them good. I just go where I'm called, do the work I'm supposed to do, and feel good about the eyes I've opened when I leave.

I have a really hard time being told what to do- maybe its because I can't stand it when people assume I'm not smart enough to know what needs to be done. It's really hard for me to do what I'm told, especially when it's something I was about to do before I was told to do it. I drove my art teachers nuts in school because they would give an assignment and I would follow the instructions and end up with something completely different from what the rest of the class made. They would basically copy the teachers work and I would make a unique piece of art. I had one teacher who saw the artist in me and told me I could just do whatever I wanted. I loved that teacher!

I'm a really good teacher, probably because I can "see" the best way to get through to someone. I taught poetry to alternative high school students when I was in college, and their teacher was so happy with the way they were doing that he gave all of his students the option to get their English credits from me.

There's so much more, but there's also a beautiful sunset happening right now and I'm going to go watch it.

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Mar 02, 2009
Indigo Friends?

To the woman who wrote this story, and to anyone else to reads:

I'm actively looking for friends to email back and forth with, or to instant message. Just to get a dialogue going with more indigos. I'm just now coming into my indigo self more fully and it's been a long 3 years of college, trying to work with the incoming energies or whatever. I'm also interested in indigo mentoring, if anyone has ideas or leads on that.

Thanks! Hope to hear from you
stmcc001 @

Jan 24, 2009
Just found out I'm an Indigo.
by: *

Hi everyone or anyone. I discovered yesterday I'm an indigo and don't know where to start. So if anyone could give me some good websites to start off with? Thank you. J*

Nov 19, 2008
Being psychic and all . . .
by: Anonymous

Don't over exaggerate. lol, but I can relate.

Oct 30, 2008
Great read...
by: Anonymous

I loved reading this. Kind of reminds me of myself. Not as advanced though. Especially the bit about not being to follow instruction, I was getting little frustrated because it's not that I don't want follow it I am just not able to.


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