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Indigo Adult Advice

by Victoria
(Newcasle UK)

After reading checklists available out there I think I am an indigo adult. Has anyone got any tips or advice to help me.

I still don’t know what I want to do with my life, I hate hierarchal systems of work. I have found things I enjoy but can’t make a career out of it and hence struggle for money. I am a dance teacher, part time and am constantly studying I’m onto my MA now before a PhD, I’ve studied Theology at BA and Classical studies at MA. I have teaching qualifications yet can’t get a job doing it. I relate best with young children but not babies. I need guidance here, I crave education but it does me no good except make me feel good.

Also I think my now current ex partner may be one too, we have broken up before and reunited and I am hoping will do so again. We are passionate but argue, how can we get along?
We argue over stuff like money and practical stuff.

I need to balance my life and would appreciate any help

Thanks a lot.


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