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by Elisha
(Myton Ut, USA)

Before 911 happened I had a dream of terrorists taking over the US. Many of our own soldiers had already been to war which left us to pretty much defend ourselves. I was one of the survivors left and was teaching those others how to fight back.

That was the beginning of my dreams. After that first dream, 911 happened. I’ve had several others since, survivors left were forced into "concentration camps" where the terrorists were forcing us to accept their ways or die. I know, grimm, but no matter how weird my dreams have been many of them have come true.

I’ve dreamt of fire, protests, earthquakes, floods, and just recently an "Electronic Pulse" which shut down all of the world’s vehicles at once going down in history as the "bloodiest day in history". The reason being is some of the cars anti-lock brake systems locked up, causing car accidents, and pedestrian deaths. As weird as this is the weird thing is all of the cell phones and car radios still worked.

I had this dream November of 2010. This is how "real in detail I could never imagine" my dreams are. The other eerie thing is only a couple of days later several car accidents started being reported all over the news, due to weather, with 7-10 mile cars stopped in bumper to bumper gridlock, many spending 24-28 hours in their cars because of the snow. This happened all over in different countries. I thought this was the dream I had, but I still don’t believe it has yet due to the solar activity reaching its peak causing magnetic instability.

This brings me to my very first prediction, a Pole Shift I predicted, as a child, in 1987. I asked my 3rd grade teacher during science on the earths tilt and its rotations. "What would happen if the earth suddenly tilted the other way?" At the time I had no idea that it could happen in my life. I was just curious. The entire class just looked at me weird, kind of used to it by now, and nothing else was said of it till now. Hope this helps please ask me if you need more info.

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Feb 27, 2013
I thought my "Future" Dreams stopped! in 2010
by: Anonymous

I honestly thought my futuristic dreams ended back in 2010! But I had annother dream in nov. of 2012!
I am a very honest person! Perhaps too honest at times!!
This dream:
I was babysitting two very young boys, one was about 8-10 months old, and the other was about 3yrs. I was not feeling very well, (in my dream)
and had just laied down to get some rest, the boys were napping as well. So i got comfey in my bed, turned on a movie, and started to hear a Very loud whisteling sound. I looked over out my window to see where the noise was comming from, as it started to get louder. As soon as i looked, i saw what looked like a rocket or metor streaming down. It was comming right for us! my comfort suddenly turned to horror as the thing hit just a few miles away from where i was and decinigrated Everything!! Every tree every home, everything near was instantly turned to dust!
I got up, grabbed the boys and yelled for my dogs to follow, knowing i had no time to spare!!
We ran out to the car, as the cloud of dust raced toward us i had bearly got into the car, started it, looked out my side view mirror and the cloud was just seconds from us, then i woke up!

With in a couple of months after that I saw in the news that a Metor!!,, struck somewhere in Russia!!
Ive kind of stayed out of touch with the indigo peoples forums. No one seems to believe me or are just not hearing me! But to thoes who "know' Be warned!
Its time to repent! I believe my dreams and such are messages from God. The number 7 has appeared to me many times and has been a mystery to me for the past 5 years. But now i know the meaning of 7. He comes in all forms 7 scrolls 7 bowls 7 signs and most important! 7 is represent for 7 deadly sins which We have control over! Glutiny, Envy, Pride, Greed, Lust, Adultry, Sloth.
Yes any one can say you just wrote that from the bible, but No these messages have been told to me over the past 13 years! When these messages were being "told" to me is when I picked up my bible and started to read these Exact messages being told. Most are in the back pages of the bible! Did I believe before? Not untill these messages and dreams started comming ture!
Why say it now? Because ive tried to get the messages out before but no one would listen!
Cant blame any one! Ive had a very hard time with these messages as well! Proof is what i wanted! Well now I have, for myself proof of what ive been seeing is real. People can take it as they want, I am just the messager.

Jan 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Ive also had a dream that mt family and I were driving east and then I got the feeling to head south. when we went south we stopped the car to look at the clouds, when we noticed a funnel cloud forming ( a tornato) it touched ground causing great destruction, and I remember thinking "this is what the east is dealing with" because is thoes days everyone was dealing with their own natural disasters.

Honestly I had this dream back in 2008. Now Ive heard of tornatoes springing up all over and in the most unlikely of places. Scarry times but alot of us has God on our side therefor have nothing to fear:)

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