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Indigo Adult who just found out!

by Dave
(Katy, Texas)

I've had numerous experiences with street lights going out just as I passed underneath. The first time I didn't even think about it. But after 5, then 10, then 20 times I had to notice and wonder. What the heck?

I googled "lights going out" and started reading about Indigo Adults. At first I was thinking, yea sure, but the more I read about their characteristics the more I could relate to them.

I hated school and my grades always sucked. I squeaked through college with a 2.3 GPA. But I have an above average IQ and have been very successful in every job.

My favorite color has always been purple.

I've tried to learn how to read music but it never made sense. I play piano and guitar by ear, and very well.

I've had really bizarre experiences with animals. Once a wild Great Horned Owl knocked (pecked) on my door. I let him in and he flew up and perched on my couch. I sat in a chair across the room, waiting for my friend to come with a camera to capture a photo. While waiting, the owl flew over from the couch to the arm of my chair. He was only inches from my face. I pulled back my arm in defense to blast him, but froze. There we were looking eye to eye.

Then my friend came and got the owl to leave my chair and fly back to the couch. I have pix. But to this day could never understand "what was that all about".

I can read people like a book, my first opinion is always right. Especially bad people.

I can not stop myself from correcting people when I hear something stupid. I rub everybody the wrong way. I mean well, but what comes out of my mouth always gets interpreted as something else. It drives me crazy.

This list goes on and on.

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