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Indigo Adultc Can Be So Misunderstood

by Lynn
(Virginia Beach, VA)

You get it when you grow up, but while growing up an Indigo you are often seen as a dreamer, a misfit, a loner or maybe as someone who just doesn't fit in.

It is painful, sad and lonely at times. We are asked to carry a great deal on our empathetic shoulders. The images and guides come to us unbidden and we know this is a special gift, but conveying this information to others who don't understand, can be met with ridicule, or we are told to seek the advice of mental health services.

I am this person. I am an Indigo adult. I love my gift and I will treat it with the respect it is due.

I know being an Indigo has its challenges, this fragile self craves to be understood.

I believe this forum is the beginning.

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