Indigo, Am I?

by Zakatachi
(Chambersburg, PA, USA.)

I just recently heard the term "Indigo Children" and decided to look Into it to further my education on the paranormal, psychic abilities, etc. which has led me here.

The truth, of the matter, is I could write a book and I have plenty of memory, space, time and notes to provide the information but that will have to wait. First, let's give the idea of the "present" me.

I have been studying and practicing qigong, yoga, tai chi, kung fu, bushido, iaijutsu, martial arts, meditation, etc. and all things to keep the mind, body, and spirit healthy and progressing It to the next level, all on my own. My greatest teachers were the samurai and the great thinkers of the eastern world.

I spend a lot of time with nature, which I have a very personal relationship with. God, chi, the force, the power of the universe, whatever term or definition one chooses to use to describe it, I have the power. It’s not something that is, discussed, very easily so I will leave it at that.

With that said, let’s give you an idea of the "past" me.

Zachary, was born march 27th, 1986, year of the tiger, fire element. He beat mario for the nintendo at age 3. From there he pursued art, as in drawing, coloring, painting. He was noticed as gifted in this subject. Diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes and prescribed eye wear at the age of 7. Being so "different" from the very start, has not always been the greatest. From there mental abuse, disorders, stress have been accumulating. He isolated himself, away from society, and grew depressed. I just recently broke away from this depression that ruled over 10 years of my life. I have been through vampirism, possession, cult worshiping and sacrifices to witch craft, spells, and even the undead. I have always been able to sense auras and move objects mentally. Which leads to, why?

Why do I sense things others do not? Today, I learn as much as I can. Not as much as, why, but how. Not even how, just practice, every day. I am one with the universe and I know its language. I realigned my entire body through meditation, having a heart attack and stroke at the same time, being a "vegetable" for hours, coming back 100x stronger, almost curing my diabetes.

These things seem crazy, but they are very real. "intellectual giftedness" "genius" "mysticism" "shamanism" "higher state of awareness" "psychic" "light body" They are all just words, describing a term, so others can relate to. All these things I know and cannot discuss with others about. Of course, with all this, my sanity is in constant jeopardy. I have no social life, job, car, girlfriend, pets, etc. You name It, I don't have it. But I am happy where I am with the natural world and that is all that matters to me.

So, that comes to the concluding question: Indigo, Am I?

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