Indigo and Psychic

by Lizzy

I was born in 1954, and maybe you think that this is not within the parameters of being a true Indigo, but let me assure you - I am an Indigo. I could look at all the items on a checklist for Indigos and check yes to each one.

You, probably, like me, have worn the moniker of "head in the clouds," "daydreamer" - "weird" - "difficult" ; and like me, have had psychic experiences. I can FEEL the energy in a room or coming from an individual. Now, I won't say I can read thoughts, but I do hear, on occasion, a soft whisper telling me yes, or no. Or, I receive a fast picture in my mind of a situation or event.

I decided that I want to embrace my gift (I didn't even realize I had it for many years). I am working on my intuitive ability and need to strengthen my psychic muscles - so if you have a short question for me - ask and I will try to answer it for you.

Please embrace your uniqueness Indigo, love. You will find joy beyond measure.

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