Indigo Angel

by Carrie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Recently I met a lady in her 50's who says she is "an Indigo Child". She told me about happenings around her (and her partner's/my friend's) home - that "Angels" have been appearing and moving her favourite personal items around...

They also both claimed to have followed some ritual spells, one is to gain money...

While I was staying in their home, visiting from interstate, I did witness some strange occurrences (music turning itself on the stereo, candles lighting themselves, piles of silver 5 cent coins adding to exactly $2 appearing in meaningful places, pictures of Angels appearing on their computer screen randomly! Etc.

I noticed that they had a remarkable amount of crystals scattered throughout their home!

This Indigo Angel Lady mentioned that she believes I am a negative or bad person.

I wondered if it's because I wear all black and don't smile like a clown or puppet? I have felt to be a rainbow child - with unimaginable colours, flowing over and throughout and from beneath, deeper than skin into the soul and spirit.

What is the Morale of this "story"? Believe.

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