Indigo At My Age

by Lorraine B Buckingham
(Kingston Ont Canada)

Good day can someone email me please? Tons of questions over the years even as a child I knew things before it happens, or knew when people were dying before they or doctors knew. I learned never to say anything. I felt like I was not part of this time or I had lived before my time. Or I had an old soul and mind.

As I dated I would spook any man I dated by saying there will be a car mishap. Death, hurt bodies from this city to that city, on the highway etc. One man I did it to for 12 times over two years or so, perhaps a year with him (almost got married to him bad boy at the age of 30).. I did it to him 12 times and he was so upset or mad he did not want to know any more. And to him I was a witch or strange nut.

Over the years I was horrid abused by my family, ex husband and by others and no medical care as a child to a teenager. I ahd to look afte rmyself and my mom and clean up the blood afterwards. I need glasses but never got them. But I could d feel things or knew thngs, moods or something or my skin to me was breathing and alive. When I turned 24 years old I was told I was loosing my eye sight due to a cornea problem. no cure but have a full life.

I am 45 years old now and using a white blind cane, my feelings or moods are getting stronger and I can see or feel things even though I cannot see well.

I have at times been in right places to help others. I just knew I had to be there at that spot. And I was in need. I to this day can feel or sense when my ex groom or my ex husband, ex lovers or strange family or friends are on the same street or coming down the streets or driving by or in trouble or dying.

I am taking classes now and I can sense other’s moods or feelings and I know things that social workers or teachers do not know. The students do not say anything but I know and say a few things and people look a time and wonder; how she know? At times I wonder.

It is now driving me nuts going shopping and feeling things and people asking me questions but I know or can sense what they mean under the questions. Or being in the right place or another place.

This past few months I got to a neighbors flat with in seconds and knew something was wrong, some things was too loud or strong loud or something. No one else could smell anything or sense or know anything. I dragged my landlord into the flat and just then a frying pan with meat flashed over and started to burn, tons of smoke! I got a live bunny out (Easter Monday) and the mean big bird but two small birds did not make it, no one else in the unit.

Two weeks ago I knew I heard a horrid pipe sound and could taste and smell dirty water tracked it down to my hot water tank it was dry. And then got my landlord in and within 15 minutes a hot water tank broke or busted on the fifth floor (I am on the second floor) and 15 minutes everyone was buzzing her. I knew about 15 -20 minutes before hand.

What the heck is going on? Can someone write back?
Ms Buckingham
myhamca @ yashoo .com or myham @ hotmail .com (Email spaced to block spam bots)

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Jul 25, 2009
from E
by: Anonymous

just incase you did'nt recieve my E-mail just remember you are not alone! I wrote a couple blogs on here as well one is called Halleowa (bad spelling) and the other is im a seer

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