Indigo Becoming Crystal

by Sarah
(Sheffield, England)

I was born Indigo and am now in the process of turning Crystal. I also have 2 Crystal sons and my partner is Indigo too.

I always knew I was different but I was luckier than most because my Grandfather was also Indigo so I had his help and guidance.

I am finding the transformation into Crystal much harder than I thought it would be.

I keep having dreams in which a man, who looks like a Tibetan Monk, is telling me that it is really important to stay positive at all times because your thoughts create the world and that the world changes according to people's thoughts and desires, so you need to love yourself, your life, and everyone in the world, even your enemies, otherwise the world you create will be a horrible hateful place to live.

That's the part I am finding hardest. I try to do what he tells me, but, although my partner IS an Indigo, he denies this and is always being negative, the more positive I try to be the more negative he becomes, also, my youngest son who is undoubtedly Crystal completely denies that he is Crystal and is always critical and sarcastic towards everyone.

How am I supposed to stay positive and love everyone and everything when I am being constantly bombarded with negativity and sarcasm?

To make things even harder I am also bombarded on a daily basis with "the hum", from what I can make out it is exactly like "the taos hum" except it's here in England, it started for me 3 years ago and it NEVER stops.

The effort of trying to stay positive in this situation is making me ill but I know I have to find a way of fulfilling this Destiny somehow, this mission is too important; failing is not an acceptable option.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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Jul 03, 2014
Galactic consciousness...
by: Affectionate Love Angels

Galactic consciousness on Earth is opening up and The Earth is a huge challenge. We need all the world's decision-makers to understand together the new way of thinking. To build up together a better future. We're here to help!

Sep 07, 2012
Hello Fellow Indigos and Crystals!!!
by: EnlightenedLady

Hello all Indigo and Crystal children and adults! I am also Indigo transformed to Crystal. Have been going through Transformation for a few years. Yes,dear Crystals it is hard to transform and we are fortunate to have found each other to comfirm we are not alone. As far as dreams go (to lady who dreams about monk) try a clear Quartz Crystal or a Charoite stone under your pillow. In my experience, these have worked to dispense of "bad" dreams or recurring dreams that are no longer wanted. You have already received the message that may have come with this dream. Also the "hum" WE are hearing, yes me too, is the hum of the energy of the universe. We as crystals or those in transformation are more sensitive and more in tune with the energy of the universe as there are more portals opening up as a result of the change in the Global Grid Matrix. I am getting use to it and so will you. But know that you will be ok.Not sure of exact link but read about THE GLOBAL GRID MATRIX, THE LIGHTBODY AND THE ASCENSION online. It is one article and extremely informative. If I can be of assistance to anyone else out there please feel free to ask question here. We are all new at this and need to help each other. That is why we are here. This is our job.
God love all of you!

May 14, 2012
You Are Not Alone!
by: Indigo from asia

You are not alone, keep cool. Indigos are not understood by most people. That was for me too.
Do meditations.

Jan 19, 2011
dear becoming Crystal
by: Anonymous

I have found a web site where people seem very interactive and give lots of answers. Spirit library it is called.

Jan 11, 2011
Find the light in the darkness
by: Anonymous

Hello dear friend. Look deeper into the negativity for when you have looked deep enough into the negative you will find out what the positive one is all about. Negativity leads to positivity.

- Love, Respect, Happiness.

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