Indigo but Blocked

by Alysha
(Devon, England)

Over the years my life has been very traumatic, painful and a struggle. Due to outside forces attacking both myself and especially my little indigo daughter I had to focus all my energy on simply keeping her safe and at times alive. All of my energy on every level had to be directed at her. I nearly killed myself healing her so often but wouldn't have done it any differently.

Unfortunately I almost completely blocked out to rest of the world. I KNOW I AM an indigo but am not sure how to access all my gifts. What am I meant to do?

I want to do my job, fullfill my role, however you want to put it, but am at a loss. I only recently became aware of what I am. I knew I was an empath but presumed that that was it.

Please help me I need solid advice. I live in Devon, England is there anyone local who I could talk to in person?

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Nov 22, 2011
I hope this helps
by: Madison Walzberg

I am a 17 year old girl who lives in america, please do not judge me though I am usually wise beyond my years. We are here to push the world into the coming change. We live in a 4 diminutional world and the rest of the world is a 3-d reality, all we are here for is to hold the world on our shoulders as the change occurs. I don't know how old u or your daughter is but it's possible she is a crystalline child not an indigo these children I know less about but I know they are more important to our world. Like your daughter my mom is an empath and even small things can waste all her energy. I, personally am a healer, the way I do this is protect myself and the person with a white bubble/energy (something u should always have around you and your daughter to keep you safe) and then I pull the [white] energy in through the crown of my head, I let the light pool in my heart separate it into the rainbow (just with normal light, white energy can change to every color) I take the green (green for life and healing) energy and push it through my arms into the person.. It dosent always work but when it dose it's a mirical(I can't spell I'm sorry). The thing u must do every time is make sure you and the person your healing truly believe you can! And you must always protect yourselves using white light because otherwise other energies can always get in and get you. I wish you luck and health, my heart and energies go to you and your little girl. Please e-mail me if u have any questions or would like any more information, put indigo in the title so I don't think it's spam:
Ps. Crystals intensify all energies

May 07, 2011
I too am an English Indigo
by: Debbie

Dear Alysha,
You sound like a lovely lady, and I would love to correspond with you online (swap phone no's if you like). I live in Kent, but a lot of my experiences are similar to yours as I have often found this life a painful struggle with very little gain and too much crap to put up with! I do sympathise. I never found out I was Indigo until the age of 49. But happily I have accepted this, and it does begin to make a lot of sense to me now. I'd like to know how to develop my gifts and true sense of purpose, moving forward to help others and my own situation too. I need to see some positive results - and soon! Lately when trying to help those I care about I always seem to put my foot in it, and my big gob's got me in a lot of trouble! (You can't always predict how other people will react even when your intentions are meant for the best). I'm finding it a minefield. Need some support and inspiration myself and will gladly reciprocate.
Debbie. X.

Jan 13, 2011
perhaps there is hope
by: Brianna

I would love to help you, I live across the pond but would like to try to help you reopen your eye. I cant promise anything, but I will try everything I can. I have helped open up others that became blocked before so perhaps I can help you too. My email is if you would like send me an email and we can get online and figure out something. love and light


Dec 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

Nothing Nota not a thing....Just Be....Know Who You are.... all will be revealed when you need it....You are IT...You are Doing IT!

Just Breathe~Breathe~Breathe........and LOVE yourself as Your Daughter.

Your Higher Self has Set the Course and You dont have to KNOW. TRUST. be the LOVE

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