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Indigo Certainty

by Rebecca
(Eau Claire USA)

I know without a doubt I'm an indigo. I've known since I was a very young child but didn't have the label 'indigo' to give it. I very vividly remember making my agreement to come here and that it was my choice and was told it would be difficult very difficult, that it had something to do with bringing two different worlds together.

This was derived from an out of body experience into the cosmos when I was three years old, practicing a fall asleep ritual I called watching movies (in my pressed on eye sockets) at bedtime.

When I was told by a therapist after our first meeting, to check out indigo child information, not so long ago, it was like a thousand memories exploding in my mind; the verification of all that has happened in my life. I have very many scattered LARGE ideas of what I want to do in my life. I'm dumbfounded about where to start. I have a hard time developing my psychic skills as it is hard to sit and focus on one thing.

I very often dream a couple days into the future, where I sporadically pick up psychic info. I have extreme sensitivity to electronics, they seem to stop working in my presence, or I am able to change the station simply by moving my hand in front of the radio on many (mostly older) stereos. Also, CLOCKS DO NOT WORK AROUND ME, and if not at first, even a brand new clock will stop working shortly after bought.

It's been almost funny to observe. I have a knack for picking up visual language of what someone is talking about...very understanding...where do I start, what do I do? I'm a single mother and 25 years old. God has not paved a clear path for me by any means, rather given me a machete to make one, so I have no shortage of situations preventing me from taking full action and trying to balance everything is seemingly impossible for me at this time.

I absolutely need to dissect every situation to understand the equation of things rather than just trust the answer and I feel that this is greatly frustrating that I can't just be simple and let things work out, I will attract, for example, money, job, a situation to myself and I get it, I see how I made it happen, but then comes the doubt of doing it again, it changes with my mood, and my mood changes far too often.

I do appreciate all this in retrospect, however I have a hard time relaxing and trusting the moment usually. I connect with very few people around here and I'm desperately reaching out to someone that has been there and has advice. Thank you so much for your time, even if it was only to vent my frustration somewhere and nothing beyond, it's helped.

Thank you.

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Mar 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

Jennifer, I resonate with all that you're saying. Been to "heaven" but it was heaven on earth. Once, very intensely, and a few times just sort of glimpsed what felt like it. I look deeply into everything.. My friends think I?m nuts! If you'd want to share more experiences one on one, email me, I?d love to make some connections here! In fact, I think I?ll go post a story...

stmcc001 @

Feb 06, 2009
Indigo Insight
by: Lady Neptune

Hi there :) I also can relate to a lot of what you are saying. I have struggled with authority and feel odd even within my own family. There are very few people, who vibrate on the same level, others I assume, are too afraid to admit it. Lately I've felt a true shift in consciousness, and have a deeper confidence of who i am and that it's ok to just be.

At the present time I'm searching for a way to make money that complements my abilities and sensitivity. It's hard but it's important to rise above the social pressure that seems endless. I know however each me up has a reason for being here. Trust the universe to lead you, I've been surprised when I've let go of my preconceived ideas of who I'm meant to be. Take some time in silence and just listen to your heart...

Jan 12, 2009
I understand
by: jennifer

Wow, your story is incredible and I would surely love to hear more. I too have had similar experiences. I have never interfered with radio frequencies or was able to change a channel merely by waving my hand in front of it but, I have astro traveled. I have been to heaven. I have had several premonitions and I always know peoples emotional state. I too have a problem concentrating. Although i want to very bably. I cant keep a job, I am to emotional and can pick up negative vibrations coming from certain individuals, including the boss. I then react to those emotions and lose my job. I havnt worked for 5 years because of it. I dont do well around others, they seem to be stand off-ish. I have NO friends. Only God and my family of coarse. When I go places, I am always "peering" into things. Always looking beyond, never seeing only the surface of things but going much deeper. Maybe we can share more of our stories with each other. You need someone to talk to and I need a friend. God bless you in ALL that you do. May His light always be upon you.

Love & Light,

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