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Indigo Child Awakening

by Bryanna
(Dallas, TX. USA)

I think I’m an indigo child but need help awakening. Ever since I was a kid, I was smarter than many my age. I went into T.A.G. (talented and gifted). My mom was always switching from partner to partner. At the age of five I wasn't supposed to know. Yet I knew what was going on. Since I knew way more than my mind was supposed interpret, my mom expected I would know not to get in trouble.

I always fought in school for sticking up for others not really caring what happened to me as long as the other person was safe. I was told that I was a dog because of my loyalty to others. I was always able to tell when teachers put up an act. And I would say "If something is wrong ask for help, you’re not alone. I know way more than you expect me to. So if you need to come to me for help, do it." She stood there shocked that I even knew she was hurt. It's happened so many times with others that I know exactly how to help.

Many times I would simply bump into someone and feel a whirl of emotions. I would isolate myself in a room, and let those emotions out. I noticed that I love to play with fire, sleep outside in a little forest, love to swim like a mermaid, liked to breathe in fresh air, and loved animals. Because I liked them so much I would relax when around them.

I was always excluded from my family, so I would read books. I would go to the library and just slide my finger across the books until I felt an urge to grab a certain book. Every time I would pick a book that had to do with magic, psychics, or spirits. I had a love for the supernatural.

I didn't learn about psychics until my 13 birthday. Now I am 14 and I have been trying to figure out how allow my psychic abilities to unlock and I came across this website. It is very helpful but I still need help. So please help me. Thank you.

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