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Indigo Child Evolved To Crystal Child

by Scott Hanlon
(Sydney NSW Australia)

I Love These Deep Purple Colours

I Love These Deep Purple Colours

I'm almost 38, I was born on December 13 1978. My mother had suffered six miscarriages prior to me. I have experienced every step if the journey as a small child and I know I'm not human, I've always known. I have been Indigo for the first thirty-three years of my life. Since them I have begun the journey to becoming a crystal. I have natural healing abilities through my hands. I also make people feel safe and protected in my arms, as anyone who has been held by me before has told me. All babies stare at me with a deranged look upon their faces as if they had been placed under a spell. I am openly a force for change agent and I have an unstoppable need to fix the world as though it's my life purpose. I am extremely passionate and affectionate and have huge amounts of empathy for people, I literally tick every Indigo box and almost since 34 till now Crystal box. I have evolved. I am extremely sensitive to emotion and have a built in lie meter that goes off like an alarm, I'm constantly seeing the future but have no control over when and how the déjà vu happens which can be very annoying at times as I'm sure you'd appreciate. I have always looked up at the stars asking to have my people take me home, I can't do this anymore it hurts too much! I am an introvert now when I used to be an extrovert and this has happened consciously since I was 33. I teach adults at college and I am a singer and a showman and literally the list previously of Indigo and now Crystal.

I am actively looking for my tribe as I am at a point where I'm unable to connect with more than two people that I treat as true and close friends. I am unable to talk to them about these things as they might think me mad.

I am a starseed, I have always known, I'm different from anyone I know by far. I've been to a psychiatric practitioner in past to see if it's all in my head. She said it's just you're extremely intelligent and you are working on a different level to most people, don't be afraid just embrace it and watch out for people that will want to take advantage of you. This is my pain, I'm too nice, too trusting, too caring, too dedicated to fixing the world, but I can't stop, I won't stop making the world a better place why should I? This is also when I realized at thirty-three I had changed, evolved to what I didn't know. I do now and that's a crystal child. I still care massively for others but now I look out for me too. My entire first 33 years was looking after everyone else. My 34th year onward I've begun to include myself in the equation.

Life has got better but not by much. I need to connect with my tribe and re-energize, talk to them about important profound things that no one has the capacity to talk with me about. I'm always wanting to get answers to huge points, deep points of major questions, but no one has that depth to talk with me on these issues, they get overwhelmed or disinterested because they get lost in translation.

If you are an Indigo evolved to crystal child like me and you live in Australia, I urge you please contact me. We are not human; we can't continue to do this alone. We will have greater chance in awakening the sleepers in numbers. The emerging rainbow children will need us sooner than we realize!

The Z generation are this emergence and we need to protect them from what is soon to happen to this world. Please reach out, I need you as much as you need me, we are family, we are not of this place, our mission is to awaken and find each other once this process has happened. Together we can make the change, singularly the noise of today's world drowns us out.

My love, my hopes and my very being is waiting to reconnect with you my tribe.

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Nov 20, 2016
Thank you so much Ian!
by: Scott

I can't thank you enough. I'll post an update once I've gone for the first time to meet people.

Nov 19, 2016
MeetUp with Indigos in Sydney
by: Ian

Hi Scott,

I did a quick search for Indigos on MeetUp in Sydney. Here is a group of Indigo, Crystal, Star adults.

Looks like a well established group meeting up in your area regularly.

Nov 18, 2016
I'm real and I'm serious about finding our people!
by: Scott from Sydney

I am in Sydney Australia. I am a Caucasian 37 yr old Teacher. I am happy to meet in any public place at a time that would suit us both or a group of us. I am truly invested in finding our people for real! If your serious and only if you truly are please contact me again.

Kind regards,


Nov 17, 2016
A trap?
by: Anonymous

I'm desperate to find others but is this a trap?

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