Indigo Confusion

by Erica
(MA - USA)

'Scribble' I Drew..

'Scribble' I Drew..

Like most others here, I always kind of knew I was different. I tried to deny it, pretend I wasn’t. I wanted to be one of those teenagers that felt so normal and blah, that had no meaning in life. I was far from it.

By the time I was 3 my doctor gave my mom a book on Raising Your Spirited Child. Only until I looked into this that I found indigo children. I thought I had maybe had Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, or maybe I was just a Pisces. I read all your stories and I feel like I belong.

As a child, I could tell someone’s favourite animal by looking at their face & personality. The doctors say I have ADD (which I never felt explained everything.) I’m dreamy & lost. I can’t stand being held down to rules. I feel like I know how things should be. I have a sense for the energy of life; can in a way predict future

I long to be back in Space, in the Spiritual Realm. But I could never kill myself. Until now I wasn’t sure of my purpose.

It’s been very hard for me, also. I never really fit in. My stepmom misunderstands; calls me a lazy piece of shit, and that I need to grow up, that one day I’ll have a "rude awakening". She hopes for it. I try to find it in my heart to feel sorry for her. Actually, I’m quite cold. I wish I weren’t. I’m so detached from myself and all people. Can anybody help me?

How can I help myself so that I can help other people? If you want to contact me, my email is

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Jul 25, 2011
Dont worry, were all in this "lost" realm together!
by: Elisha

I've felt alot of the same way! These feelings of "what do I do, what is my purpose in this life? How can I help others if I cant seem to help my own feelings?" Dont know about you but this is how ive felt. Its a almost lost cause kind of feeling. But recently I've been helping out whenever the oportunity arrives. Like when the quakes happen, i try and organize people together to help, even if all they would like to donate is 10$. I go through the american red cross because they are the first responders out there. Recently weve had minor flooding in our area. As soon as I saw people out sandbagging, I went over to help out. Very glad I did because not only did we save the town, but my children got a lesson on helping out! Its a great feeling to help no matter how small the job. I get scared mostly for my children, wondering what kind of life their going to have! Its a scarry and unshure world we live in now, but I truly believe that the morwe people who wake up during this process are more aware of everything arround us. The good in humanity will prevail, and the evil people will always try and disshearten you, so try and find people most like you to assosiate with, you know, people who bring you up and not down:) I've been in your situation, the feeling of beilt lost, but remember sweety, what does not make sence will make sence soon. Itll just come to ya. dont know if you believe but it helps Pray for some understanding on your lifes path. God always has a listening ear:) If you ever wanna chat my email is on a personal note, I never give out my name, or Email. Kinda oldschool about giving out personal info on the computer, but I thought Id offer, because dont know if this is how you feel but to me, its nice to have someone who understands;)

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