Indigo Discovery

by Debbie
(Kent, England.)

My name is Debs, and I discovered I was an Indigo adult for sure in early 2008 by asking Google for "Indigo and Crystals material". I read these online quizzes and identified with virtually all those questions on there. It was very emotional and it felt like coming home to me in a way! Though I was 49 at the time, and wondered how I'd gone through my life so far without this knowledge it did start to make sense to me as to what my life had all been about. Especially the bits about being at odds with authorities, teachers at school etc, and the whole way the world is being (mis)run!

I am very sensitive, and always beat myself up for making mistakes, (I wish errors were a part of me that I could surgically change!). But this must be a Virgo trait as well. I've always found life a struggle and had difficulty getting my head around the way we're being treated on a day-to-day basis! I feel the world is an awful place with too many dysfunctional people and organizations running it. Which is precisely WHY I want to heal and make a difference, yet I know my big mouth always seems to get me into trouble! What to do about it now? I need a sense of direction, and some healing too for the traumas I've gone through, some with those I love over the past couple of years, I think my body's still in shock and probably why my BP is creaking under the strain of it all!

My early experiences of life include being haunted by images and fears of what I've come to know as a harrowing experience of a previous life! (Often played out in dreams, which they were), as are future warnings and symbolic clues. Also I have witnessed UFO's on two separate occasions, 1 time aged 10 and another spectacular event (seen also with my brother) at 17. I've also had a wonderful couple of insights of the future too, a confirmed visitation of a deceased friend caught on camera, plus an incubus haunting between the ages of 11 and 19.

I joined an Indigo adults group but stopped using it because sadly I never felt wanted and they had a nasty habit of trying to silence those of us who wanted to tell the truth about things! So a few of us left, (up theirs - their loss not ours!).

There I've said it all, my Indigo profile wrapped up.

Blessings to you all XX.

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