Indigo Elder Thoughts

by Liz Bradshaw
(Sheffield, UK)

I was born in June 1966 (Sun in Cancer, Moon in Libra, Aries rising). When I was a little girl I suppose I perceived things very differently to others. I had a grand sense of purpose - but never in an egotistical way, just an in-knowing of some kind that I had a destiny and was 'special' in some way. I was highly (and still am) creative and dyslexic (but not diagnosed until I was 13). I wrote, directed and starred in my own theatrical productions at school and did ballet from aged 3, considered a bit of a prodigy in some ways, yet 'stupid' - needing 'remedial' education for many years. My junior school nurtured me, secondary just made me rebellious and afraid at the same time. I spent my days daydreaming as most imaginative kids do, yet it went deeper still, as I experienced 'God' full on aged about nine in my Grandmother's garden, I knew then that the Jesus of the bible was a lie and that Mary Magdalene was a form of the Goddess. I was a happy kid on many levels and didn't really feel isolated until later in life, somehow I guess I got along with people, as a youngster I was pretty, precocious and charming...but my father was harsh on me, it destroyed my confidence until as a teen I left home unprepared for life and made a big mess of things...

I fell into a deep depression from the age of 16, running from relationship to relationship in a relentless 'prime directive' to find others like myself. Those I did find ended up doing me the most damage ironically. I was desperately romantic and passionate both with friends and sexual partners, and maybe others like me think sex is sacred and 'confuse' it with love, or do we?!lol I married young to an abusive man and had my first daughter (who shows many indigo traits herself) she's now 20. Anyway...just a potted history, to date, I'm much happier and have a loving, supportive partner and another daughter who is astoundingly forgiving and wise, my kids have taught me so much and I do think children are a huge blessing, but then I honor physical life as much as spiritual unlike some of the arid New Age ideas I come across from time to time, that worries me a lot (read Monica Sjoo 'New Age Armageddon') this Earth is our wise Mother and our main aim is to protect and heal her from the wounds of Capitalism - we're not here to 'escape' her, that is the fallacy of Patriarchy which we beleaguered souls came here to fight.

I became a Pagan aged 18 (as a 'runner' from orthodox Christianity) but never wanted to join a coven, I had my own path which I had to follow alone I guess. I'm not a disciplined person (so don't meditate very often), I'm very joyous deep down, very much in favour of earthly pleasures as long as they 'harm none' as the Wiccan creed goes! All things in moderation is my creed :-) I prefer simple ceremonies that heal the earth and I drum and commune with nature spirits and ancestors (though family think I'm crazy!) Recently I've been taking notice of the esoteric teachings within the Major Faiths (...not to mention Black Elk and a plethora of other Native prophesies) and have noticed how all foretell this time when 'The bride' (The Goddess) will manifest through human consciousness, and how the souls are being 'sorted' this I guess IS judgment day in some bizarre way - I'm sure others of you know far more about this than me:-) The bottom line is that I just do my thing and hope it's what Spirit wants of me. About ten years ago I experienced a level of change in my conciousness that almost sent me mad, but that is a VERY long story, however, suffice to say I astralled to the Akashic records and began to’re-live' or reawaken a past life which I shared with a twin - he is sort of in the indie music scene and I better not 'name names' but it was an experience so loaded with synchronicity and vision to just not be funny. I think this marked a major shift for me spiritually - perhaps this is common when we get into our thirties? Anyway, beware you Indigo young'uns - be prepared! lol

I just want to add that a number of years ago, when I first got into the occult I received a number of messages about the 'new children' and how I was one of those, back then I didn't know about the Indigo thing and I'm still a bit wary of the tag, as I don't like the commercial hype that surrounds so much of the New Age movement. We were also told that these souls had four primary functions and could manifest energy in different ways - either as healers, teachers, warriors or initiators (energizers). I did have an aura photo taken about five years ago and it wasn't immediately purple, it had a core of soft pink and light violet and a large egg of red (that must be the universal Indigo rage!) tapering into dark purple - I don't know if that is what one would expect? Recently I've been experiencing seeing geometric shapes when I close my eyes and I have this warm tingling along my spine, as if something kind and loving is feeding me and reassuring me, don't know if any of you out there have been getting this too? I'm not sure about this 'shift' and crystal/octarine theory myself, but I do know that a number of old souls have been almost ordered by those 'upstairs' to come back here in this dark time, I've been told that by a number of psychics too. I also think a number of us had past lives during the holocaust and were imprisoned in the camps, either that or we fought in World War 1 in the trenches - just my own theory. I guess that might account for the damaged soul syndrome as well as our troubled childhoods.

Well, I wish you well my fellow violet seekers, may God bless you and keep you :-)

Love and blessings Liz X

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Mar 26, 2017
Crazy Indigo Grandma
by: Miami

Crazy grandma. I am 68 and I fit with all of this... help me understand ... please .. looking for answers.

I also have a 8 year old granddaughter who definitely is...

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