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Indigo Empath Lightbeing

by Bianca

My whole life I have known I was different. I have felt things. That I couldn't explain. I lived as if I was constantly living a story I once read. My life has been a series of what felt like Deja Vu and I have visions and yrs later I have a moment in time when I just stop and for a second I know I have lived that moment already somehow.

I can't explain this but I just know things. I know people and animals and I feel connected to the sky. The universe partially.

A couple of weeks ago now I was told I was a empath. So I started looking into it and discovered I was not just empath but I was a lightbeing indigo. This has not only awoken my mind so much more than it already was (although having been awake for a long time, I didn't know and thought like many I was nuts).

I have a natural ability to connect to people and I am a massage therapist for work. Soon as my hands touch another body I feel energy. Intense, vibes and in about 2 minutes I somehow tell the person what they needed to hear. I heal others in many ways physically, emotionally, and spirituality.

I Have just turned 30 and am now fully awakening my light and reaching for my my divine oracle for some guidance and direction on my new found journey through this life. And then I look forward to when I return "home" whenever that is.

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