Indigo Energy

by Jeremy Moring
(Tulsa OK - USA)

My name is Jeremy, I am 28 and over the last 5 years, I have found out that when I was a kid my mom said I would keep telling her that I didn’t belong here. My aunt’s girlfriend showed me something that scared the hell out of me. She had me hold out my hand and I 'shot' more energy at her than she had seen before. It freaked her out so she 'shot' it back to me and the energy went up my arm and out my shoulder. I can sense energy from people, from certain places, and I can feel trees and the sun.

I know it sounds weird but I can also channel various other energies. I am sometimes able to tell who is calling on the phone before I answer it. I have very odd dreams but I don’t dream all the time. I identify with both indigo and lightworker traits. I would like to know more about both. I can charge various objects, crystals work the best, and I can do the ball of energy thing. I have always been able to do that I can’t find any more info on other things to do yet.

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May 26, 2013
Energy worker
by: Sylvia

No idea when you wrote this..But at the moment I'm 28 years old, semi-new to the Indigo aspect of myself and I also work with energy. Since I took to energy so easily (feeling it from others, reading others, "guessing" what would happen just by how the room feels to much more..) I also picked up on Reiki very easily. That's definitely something that comes very naturally to us, but just like with most other things, you may find yourself practicing energy healing in a way that is different from how you learned it. In case you havent already explored this avenue, I highly recommend it, even if only to use on yourself!
Anyway I'm here if you still need someone to talk to, or to bounce ideas off of, so feel free to shoot me an email :)

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