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Indigo Energy

by Anastasia

Now I'm gonna share my story of being an Indigo and what my wish for the world is.

When I was little I had a knowing of Oneness within myself. I knew what I was sent here to do - I was sent here to make the world better. I knew I will have to educate people to become better, more spiritual. I didn't seem to understand why other people are judgung others, why the system around me was so non-creative and rigid, why people expected me to "behave" and be "typical". I always wanted to have reason why for everything, otherwise I didn't move myself in that direction, only if I wished the thing. I hated authority and never really obeyed it. I was stubborn and I fought against injustice hard. If something didn't seem right to me, I didn't obey, but I told the person how to do it better way and that it just isn't right. I hated people yelling at me and was extremely sensitive. I hated socializing with typical peers, but handled well the adults, or other gifted and indigo children. With them I shared more than a couple of things and always had fun. I always felt people by energy and felt what they need. I thought every one was energy aware, but it wasn't the case. I would try to communicate telepathically with others, and they won't accept the info. It was painful. I was one gifted learner, I have started reading by myself at 3,5 age. I could read books, write down names, started writing all the letters when age 6, could count to 1,000 at age of 5 etc... and had perfect pitch since I was born.

But there's another thing... I always had knowledge of other dimensions, could go into a trance-like states easily, had friends from other dimensions like angels, aliens, I knew of reincarnation, etc... other people told me I was crazy and to shut up about that stuff. Not a time I wish for other kids to go through. At 13 I learned I can heal people by touch and also at distance. I learned I could manifestate thoughts and they would come true. Some of this I learned when at age 6, but at 13 it was even deeper experience. I felt that heat in me rising up in my spine and could do even more things and they were more powerful than before. Later I learned by myself that it was my first Kundalini experience.

I'm otherwise a talented artist and musician and I'm very creative.

I write, draw, play guitar, sing...

Later when I was growing up, I learned what psychic means and this is what I am. I'm not crazy, I just see things that are hidden from other people's eyes. I started to learn more and more about spirituality, because I lacked theoretical knowledge. This time I met few other Indigos with which we are now best friends and we did and still learn together.. when I learned enough, I became a good Reiki healer, energy healer, medium and I always work with collective consciousness and the Source of it all. Then I started to teach other people about spirituality and started to work on my own techniques.I also learned that what I always were has a name and it's called being Indigo. Two mediums told me that. My confusion was over.

In my journey I have learned that we all are Creators and that we all have god within us. While I couldn't really help others much as a kid, I can teach them now about Oneness. And I understand that I was so stubborn and rebelling all the time as a kid is because I always wanted to show people the better way. Now I uderstand that they simply couldn't have understood it few years ago.

But I also see more things that are wrong in the system and I can't help it alone. I can help heal the Earth and work on astral plane and so on, but I can't physically do it alone. Now when the Aquarius Age is coming, I hope people would finally open themselves and understand.

Indigo children suffer in normal school settings and no one teaches them about spiritual knowledge that they crave so much, and they so often don't have the chance to show their creative skills. I hope in the future people would build schools for spiritual and gifted kids.

And that people would unite to change the system for the better, politics and everything. It's quite enough of being quiet and sitting home not doing anything but thinking how everything should be better than it is. We should do something!

What do I want?

I want for every person in the world to have their potentials recognized and respected, and for every one to know they are perfect just how they are and to know that we are all one. To know that they can be happy and recognize the God within.

Also it hurts that money rules the world. Some people have too much of it and buy themselves Iphone 5 and many more such things, while others don't have for food and education. I say that people should share, then we would all have the money.

When the change happens, I can say to myself and other Indigos - job well done. Untill then lets just teach others what we have learned through other experiences and teach others about spiritual values and sharing. The more people understand these, the better world it is gonna be.

For the end...

Never give up your Indigo potential, no matter how hard it is sometimes to live this way in a current woruld. Instead, write, create, share your knowledge, do something. You will be happy you just did something for your mission like I am. :)

Your Indigo Soul

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