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Indigo Family

by Julia

I'm an Indigo? So THAT'S what it is! I am a 28 year old female Indigo. This is a revelation to me; it has only dawned on me in the last few days, and I cannot describe the relief it has been to me.

All my life I have always felt different but did not know why or how. As a child I can vividly remember feeling older than I was and could not understand why I was never taken seriously, why are they laughing at me? I used to think, and I felt extremely angry at not being listened to in the same way an adult was.

I also remember shouting and screaming at butchers shops "They should not do that!!" as I was horrified at seeing the dead animals hanging in the window! (My parents used to avoid them like the plague!) I felt such anger at the way people behaved in the world, but over the years this anger has become displaced and directed at other things; I am starting to realise this now.

That is why I am such an angry person.

I hated school with a passion, always feeling "out of kilter" with everyone else and was thoroughly and completely bored with it by the time I hit my teenage years. It made me feel incredibly depressed, and more than a few times I feigned illness just to relieve the pressure, and have some time to "breathe" so to speak. As a result I did not do particularly well in class, or my exams as I just couldn't see the point of it, when the intelligence I believed I had wasn't valued or marked academically.

I was almost completely lost in my own world when I was very young, and loved nature so much I could name every native bug, bird, and mammal in the book, totally self taught. (I reveled in the fact I knew more than most adults on the subject, as so often they behaved like they were more interesting and important, I felt like I had the upper hand!) This was suppressed over time however, as most other children found it weird or boring, so I tried not to draw attention to myself in any way, as whenever this happened I would always end up being laughed at, picked on or called names. I learnt over time that not being noticed was a good thing for me.

I have always been deeply fascinated with the spiritual side of life, and some faint childhood memories have been coming back to me over the past few days, of regularly seeing what I am sure were angels huddled at the end of my bed, and I can remember often pulling the blanket over my head as I would see strange and scary images pass in front of my eyes at night.(This still happens now if I let it.) I am quite intuitive, I've had the occasional premonition type dream, and can sense when a place is haunted, although I believe I suppressed a lot of any 6th sense I have due to fear, or rationalising things because "society" tells us it's not normal or impossible.

I believe my Mum was an indigo too. She was born in 1944 right after WW2 and she is the one who encouraged my interest in all things spiritual and mystical. She was extremely wise and intuitive, very individual and a loner, but also suffered with the angry red mist, (She was never violent, only at inanimate objects! And very rebellious against institutions of any kind.) Unfortunately (I believe) this internalised itself and manifested as severe R.Arthritis, which complications of eventually killed her.

I also believe my bother is indigo, he is similar to my Mum and myself but is very depressive and cuts himself off from the rest of the family, he was born in '69.

Now I'm beginning to wonder if my two children are also indigo/crystal as they are showing many traits, particularly my son (10), who was diagnosed as mildly Dyspraxic a few years back, (I don't believe this to be true,) he hasn't exhibited physic abilities yet, although they may be suppressed, but many other traits are there.

My daughter on the other hand is not even 2 but I am sure she has been telepathic from day one, as often I will suddenly wake up from a dream and within seconds she would suddenly start crying after being sound asleep in her own room. (I am a very light sleeper and would of heard her if she was crying before.) Or I am thinking of her and she starts to call out from her room. Twice in the past fortnight she has mentioned "phone", pointed to it and it has rung a few seconds later, one of those times she said "Dad" too, and it was him.

Sorry for this massive post, (if anyone reading it has got this far - thanks very much for reading, and well done for not falling asleep!!)

It's just been so therapeutic to do this, and a big weight off my shoulders to finally discover there are others like me struggling with this weird and wonderful world in which we live!

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Feb 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hello, I too just found out about this yesterday and I feel like a huge weight is coming off me now, my story is similar to yours, my mother was also born in 44 and has a few of these Indigo traits. I think my kids may have it also as my daughter is unlike most children her age. Email me if you ever want to talk, thegardenslowlydies @ My name is Brandy

Jan 21, 2010
Welcome to the Family :)
by: Rowan

I can totally relate to you and your story.

There is nothing else to say...

But, welcome your gift (as frustrating and wonderful as it can be.)

And, welcome to the family!

Love and light to you and yours.


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