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by John

I am a father of a beautiful tow headed boy. I am a red head, and my wife blond. She is what one may call easily distracted towards love, and nature. I have been DX as a bipolar, which really only means to me that I feel, see, etc much more on the emotional scale than most.

I have seen other dimensions, remote view, astral travel, feel change, see aura, am intuitive to the point of having to keep my mouth shut in order to "fit in ". I am a healer, and become stronger in this area the closer to Christ Love that I am. I have no religion anymore, as I feel no one other than love based living has a monotheistic route to salvation.

I am a spiritualist. Our son is so emotionally close to nature, it is a gift. He recently saw a fisherman with a catch in their bucket without water, and he cried for the suffocating fish. He is 11, and this is after I have taken him fishing his whole life. Mostly catch release, with a meal sneaked here and there by me. He developed some OCD characteristics after some bouts with strep, which I feel is PANDAS, yet his doctor’s ego, and training, will not allow him to dx as such. Probably due to a known factor, but we don’t blame. My son takes a med called paxil, which I don’t like, but seems to help. They tried to give me seroquel, and lithium, but my better senses knew this was wrong for many reasons. We all receive soul challenges, and blessings in this life, which I don’t try to control.

In Pennsylvania, contact John at to talk, as I need support. Love to all.

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