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Hi, I went into a fantasy world at the age of 5 years old. I could see people, children, playing together etc... I was in this role-play kind of experience inside this fantasy world...I started moving around like in a trance... because I was talking, playing and having fun in this other dimension...

I kind of left this dimension on the earth to be another place, another dimension... I thought I was crazy growing up... It started at the age of 5 and I can , if I want, enter this state of mind...

BUT: I don`t really know what kind of STATE this is... I know that I am not crazy... I only have ADD. I have heard that ADD people actually are Indigos... and I have always been different. It`s like I`m always searching for the truth about this earth , about life....... I`m really creative also... I hated math and drew pictures instead... drawing, painting and writing stories was my favorite, and it still is.

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Nov 23, 2011
by: another Indigo

Hi, I am another Indigo I can honestly say I am very gifted I am bipolar and ADD as well. Most people who have mental disorders are actually special, you were right about that. I maybe really gifted but that is one gift I do not have. I can not astral project nor go to other dimensions I have tried and tried and my body and mind get so terrified that I go into a sort of shocked- like state I start shivering and getting really hot like a fever, my throat gets extremely sore and my stomach gets way upset to the point that I can barely move I stay this way for approximately three days.I am not sure why my body reacts this way, but it is odd. I think in another life something happened to me when I did it so now my body refuses to let me. So I quit trying because of that.

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