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Indigo Granny

by Anni
(Jamieson, Victoria, Australia)

Am I an Indigo? According to your checklist, I am! I checked EVERY box on that list. My Mother told me some years ago, that she felt she never connected with me properly when I was a little girl because she had a sense that I didn’t need her. She described me as self-contained and her nickname for me was Granny! She always said I had been here many times. Funnily enough, when I was eight, my parents split up, me and my sister stayed with Dad.

I found school boring, monotonous, my work life unfulfilling, and the whole hierarchy unfair.

I have psychic ability in many areas, some I am only now putting names to. I had my first dowsing experience at 8 years of age. I have used Psychometry, Tarot, Clairvoyance, Clairscentance, Automatic writing, Spirit Guide drawing, and Channelling which I have experienced in 2 OTHER languages!!

I have always felt like the oddball, I am described as nutty, witchy, occultish, zany, eccentric, none of which I find offensive!

My entire life I have been in service of sorts. When Mum left us, I took over cooking, laundry duties, when my Dad remarried, I organised my younger step sister and step brothers. My older sister often asked me for advice!

I have unknowingly outed fake psychic workers, also, complete strangers would ask me for advice about some really personal issues. During my twenties, I practised many of my spiritual gifts. I was extremely surprised at the reactions of clients due to my accuracy and depth in those readings.

I am STILL searching for my niche. I have an amazing amount of creative ability which I have been unable, thus far, to channel into something truly productive and focused. Anyone out there who has RESOLVED this problem??? I really would love to connect with some peers on this subject; I am tired of flopping around like an untrained SEAL!!

Blessings to All, and go well on your individual journeys.....


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