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Indigo Heart Mark

by Amandah

The Mark

The Mark

Ever since age 8 I knew I was different, I am far different from my family and my siblings would say I was adopted because I didn’t look or act like them. I had a rough childhood watching abuse around me. For some reason the abuse in the home never touched me physically, but emotionally I hid in my closet from the screams until I was 13 and I saw my dad beating my brother. I walked right over to him. I don’t know what came over me, but I walked right over to him, hearing him yelling and hitting my brother "Stop crying and I’ll stop hitting you" I placed my hand on his arm and he turned his head staring at me then I said... "How can he stop crying, when you are still hitting him?" he lowered his hands from my brother and left the room without another word. I am not sure how I did it but my saying something, my action, and my gaze into his eyes stopped him.

I have seen spirits and heard voices and known things before they happen etc. I have never understood fully what was happening to me. I was afraid to tell anyone until I was 16 and something even more strange had happened. I was having a shower and my eyes were closed. When I opened them I saw the face of Jesus and I backed away not in fear... but he caught me off guard. I told my mother and she didn’t know what to say, but she did not judge me nor did she call me a freak or look at me in a bad way.

One day when I was walking to school I saw Jesus again in a blue and red robe walking towards me. I was going to move out of his way because he was walking right at me. I couldn’t move so I kept walking and he walked right through me and I felt like the wind get knocked out of me. I caught my breath again then glanced across the street seeing a boy who stared at me stunned. As if he saw something strange then he shook his head and kept on walking.

Soon after I was in a classroom and I felt hot and sick... I felt my chest burning and my heart beating soo fast I thought it was going to give out. I excused myself to the rest room and I tried to calm myself down though I didn’t have a clue why I wasn’t calm. I caught a glimpse of me in the mirror and that’s when I saw the mark. There was then a red mark shaped in a heart with a v above it. I couldn’t believe my eyes so I rubbed it and it burned. It was like it was burnt on.

After that Jesus would visit me every night, every day and tell me things. Wonderful things, telling me of my life and my feelings, he would comfort me.

I knew we shared a bond bigger then I could ever imagine. Then my life flashed and I heard vows and I saw visions of me and Jesus. I have books of writings that I wrote down that he has told me.

I don’t know why I’m here... or what I’m to do. But when I think about it I see the same vision. Me leading people, the worlds objects (houses, cars, buildings etc.) are gone and there is only sand under our feet and in the distance. I lead them to this open place. It is a big group of people and I am in white. I stand in the center of the circle of people around me and I tilt my head to the sky and light shines on me and out from me and then shoots out into the people surrounding, the believers are blessed and given this eternal light. That is when Jesus walks out from the clouds and takes me with him.

I don’t know what that means... but I know it means something.

I have senses that I can heal and I can do great things for people. I know that they need me and I love them despite their ways of living. I think all the indigos need to come together. I think we are destined to walk together.

That is all I can say and I hope this finds the right ears.

With Love


Ps "I have a song and my song is for you... for those who listen, for those who believe, for those who have always wondered why? Ask of my song and I will sing to you all."

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Jan 17, 2010
Very Interesting
by: Anonymous

That was a very interesting thing to hear and it seems genuine, but you'll have to excuse me if I don't quite believe you yet. I need more insight on you first for I do need more than a background to tell a person. I'm indigo as well and I'd like for both me and you to know each others stories and perhaps become friends after our online encounter.

Read my story and tell me what you think it'd be a great way to get to know what kind of person I am. Whenever mine is going to be posted it's posted as Indigo Seer

Peace be with.

Aug 26, 2009
I feel similar visions
by: Anonymous

Hello I have a couple of comments on this page, one is called Seer, n the other is hello everyone;c) I totally agree with indigos uniting! I do not agree, however, with indigos using their talents for profit, but to each his own. Thankyou for opening up n I too get the feeling from God n Jesus to lead but I just dont know how to go about it. I have faith that it will come to me eventually, but any advice would be helpful Thankyou!

Aug 21, 2009
should an Indigo charge for their work?
by: Anonymous

After reading your story, I clicked on some of the links below it. The first one took me to a page where the first woman was charging like 3 dollars a minute to chat on the internet with anyone who wanted to. I'm wondering if that is considered the new way that the Indigo people will go. Or is that person a false prophet who is only for profit.
I look forward to your opinion.


Aug 19, 2009
I Am Interested
by: Anonymous

Please e-mail me, I feel I need guidance. My family is changing sooo much and somehow I feel I am going to have to be the strong one out of my 7 sisters and 5 brothers.. Theres more but I would like an e-mail from you to know you are for real..

My name is Melissa and my e-mail is springchicken76 (at) msn .com

Thank you sooo much

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