Indigo help

by Gage
(Appalachian Mountains)

Well, I hadn't even heard of the term indigo until just recently while reading up on different gifts and abilities that I have. I've had them my whole life and I'm currently only 19 nearing the age of 20. I made straight a's in school but I was suspended more than I was in the classroom. I picked up on various topics with little or no effort.

I haven't actually met anyone with my abilities and I would just really like some guidance.

I've always felt that I'm meant to change the world in some way. I have all kinds of different abilities like, I feel everyone's emotions, I can actually move small objects and put candles out with my mind (I've not even heard of anyone else being alive that can actually do that), I can leave my body and ascend into a place that's a void as I call it (it has no time or any kind of gravity or any objects) I use it as a place to go and spend lots of time to think without any time actually going by.

I can read people (I can tell what kind of a person they are), I can tell if people have done bad things or think bad things, I have vivid dreams that ALWAYS come true, I hear voices telling me things that are always true, I see little flashes of images popping into my mind that I decipher to mean different things, I can't be lied to, I most of the time know what someone will do before they do it, I feel the presence of "entities" and sometimes see them, and I have just previously recognized the ability to see auras.

I really would love some help and advice in advancing my skills; I just want to help to make the world a better place so that I don't feel so bipolar all the time.

I go from happy to angry to sad, especially when in large crowds of people and I hear their thoughts and see floods of images and it just overwhelms my mind and I get these horrible migraines that I normally meditate away. Sometimes I have difficulty controlling what I do with my mind, my girlfriend likes to light candles and sometimes I look at them and they go out and we'll be watching TV and the channel just starts changing which I know is my fault because it always stops on a channel or a show I was just thinking of.

If someone could please help me I would greatly appreciate it, I want to further my abilities and I'm currently working on the ability of teleportation but I'm having no luck at the moment. Advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Dec 18, 2013
in the same direction
by: Anonymous

have you found anything or anyone,... i'm tired of spoofs and profiteers, i just want to know i can learn harness my abilities in peace.

May 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

Call me paranoid, but I feel this wouldn't be the safest idea for you if you can truely do these things. Just be careful because people love to take advantage of what they can, i.e. the person below trying to get you to make money off of your ability instead of trying to help like you asked.

Mar 06, 2012
by: Art

You know, candles trick is good.
Youtube videos would be nice and you could do some money out of it.
If you can read people:

Read me. And reply a comment here.

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