Indigo In 30s

by Dave
(Canada Calgary Alberta)

I first found out that I`m an indigo child back in 2000 when my mother, went to the mind body spirit expo and she asked someone that was, there if he could help me out with my problems with the old, establishment. And she described what I`m like to him and then he said to her, that your sons an indigo child and so when she passed on the diagnosis to me, of what I am I then went on line to see what this indigo child stuff, was all about.

And it turned out that when I got to see, the 10 most common characteristics of the children that are indigo I fit 8 out of 10, of these characteristics. And so I went and read the book The indigo children, the new kids have arrived. It basically matched what I`m about in life. And then years later, I talked to someone that channels angles and the angles through him made me realize I`m here on this planet to be a leader in extreme change.

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