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Indigo in Africa

by Matthew Anthony Sym
(Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa)

Hi everyone, I'm a 20 year old male from South Africa.

I was told by my mother that I am an indigo child when I was about 14, which come to think of it didn’t really change much. But I read on a website that the indigos stopped being born in 1987 and I was born in 1989, but it did say that there were some forerunners for the indigos and some lagers. I can’t have been born a crystal child because they only came from the year 2000 onward. I think though that made a move to a crystal child because I am not as aggressive as they say the indigos are, but this is of little consequence. I still had school, I still had the same friends and I still had the same problems. Of course being an indigo you kind of feel you knew already, just that you forgot you knew. I did feel special though, which lasted maybe a couple of hours because I get distracted easily.

The positive side to being an Indigo is the knowledge you get automatically, although you do still have to learn, which can lead to some frustration. When you read a spiritual book you agree on points you believe true, like you are conversing instead of learning, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to read the book. Like I said before you have to be reminded. My ability seems to be I am able to help people with their problems, I attract people who have one and I am a good listener. And I like helping, it’s like what I was put here for. Mostly I get asked for advice. And apparently people around me that I care for are given a type of protection, no matter the distance. Not entirely sure about it, and whether it is a physical or emotional protection, or a combination of both. A psychic told my mother just after I had been born. As for psychic abilities, mine I have shielded because they scare me. When I was younger, maybe about 4 or 5, I was sitting with my mother and I told her to tell the old lady in the corner with no teeth to stop looking at me. Now I don’t know what kind of being it was, and don’t remember that night but if that is the kind of thing that will happen maybe I don’t want to open them up again. Like other 'awakened' indigo adults, if I can call them that, I have a higher sensitivity for things that are spiritual or operating on a higher frequency. Not to high though I am not that advanced I can see full auras, just the first level at the moment.

Now the negative side can be far longer but ill try and keep it the same length, I would rather be a indigo than not. I am antisocial most of the time. I enjoy going out, just not in the way that most of my friends do. I find it a little difficult to make friends, I don’t really connect, and most of my friends are people I have just known most of my life or that have attached to me. I recently moved to another city and haven’t really made friends. I just can’t find anyone I can relate to. Another thing is that I haven’t really found any other Indigos. My sister is one, and that is about it. Relationships are kind of hard for me because I get intense quickly, and I kept on getting hurt so with every failed one I kind of increase the height of my wall. Also, as I progress, I leave the people of my generation behind, making them more and more unattractive to me. I just can’t stand the blind following and the way that they don’t think, doing the same stupid things every weekend, and all following weekends. And I know the problem also lays with me, being able to relate causes the biggest problem. But I am kind ok with being alone, been alone most of my life. It has to do with that whole independence thing that you want as an indigo, so as a child I was fine playing by myself and that has carried over to my adult life. Also, with the fact that there are so few indigos in my generation, I have had no choice but to make do. So sometimes I tend to not speak, because I am just carrying on with things in my head. Also the fact that I am an Aries just adds to all the independence. The whole depression thing I have also, which can come quickly. Last week I was so happy and last night if the world ended I would not have cared. Suicidal thoughts come often, and attempts are fleeting. Never have really gone all out but there have been some really dark times.

Being indigo is a challenge, it couldn’t be easy. If it was, then everyone would be one and we would all be happy, but its not. We are moody, stubborn, misunderstood, irritable, cold and malicious. But we can also be caring, loving, and graceful in the true sense of the word, knowledgeable, understanding and helpful. It is all about the journey we are on. We are all the forerunners for a spiritual revolution on earth. When the very foundations of our civilisation are shaken, we are the ones who will rebuild it, remaking our society into something that is true and goo and what we have been waiting for and longing. When humanity looks for guidance, it will be amongst them, being us, that is why we have been sent. This isn’t some cruel joke, we are all here for a purpose, and when the time comes to step forward, do it with determination. All this suffering we go through is all so that we can be better equipped to see what is wrong, because we know what is wrong, and when the times of change come we will be ready to lead to a brighter future.

PS. my email is mattysym @ if anyone wants to get in contact with another indigo. No freaks please, I don’t take well with people who waste my time.

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