Indigo Journey

by Lotusflower

I am a 38, so I suppose you would call me an Indigo adult - but I'm not keen on labels! I have always felt different to my earth family. My childhood was particularly challenging and traumatic but even as I'm writing these words, I feel so removed from it in a lot of ways that I cannot feel the drama and just see it on the whole as challenges that led me to this point - for which I will always be grateful for.

When my father passed away 11 years ago, a hindu priest - a lovely guy- told me I was an evolved soul. At that stage it didn't really mean much to me but I started on some kind of spiritual journey - I began to read - Deepak Chopra, Dalai Lama etc.

A few years went by and my life challenges continued in different ways, the reading continued but didn't really resonate - not beyond an intellectual concept, which is pretty useless! Drugs had been a part of my life from a teenager and I began relying on them to help when things got rough - particularly with difficult relationships and general disappointment with the world at large.

Then a couple of years ago - 2007- another personal difficulty occurred but this time something deep within me seemed to say - You have the potential to get really down about this. Determined not to, I was led by what I now know is a synchronistic experience (thanks universe!!) to another book.

This time - something resonated so deeply, the change within me was fairly instant - just add water!

It was like everything I'd read over the last 9 years was leading up to this point and it all suddenly clicked. A radical change - I saw the world completely differently and this set about changes immediately. A healing with family, knowing but more importantly feeling the connection of EVERYTHING, the power of thoughts, feeling energy, vibrating on a higher level and seeing results!!!

To get to this point today where yes there are still life challenges - of course!- the thing about all this is that even though I absolutely know and feel the oneness - there are many people who do not. This can lead to conflict where it seems people are put off by my presence - particularly less awake other women - once you begin I think you naturally develop a strong presence. This can lead to paranoia where you think noone gets you - so I always come back to reading, learning, meditating to keep me strong when I'm taking things personally and start to doubt....

It's a beautiful indigo journey and no matter what, I know there's great beauty, divine love, unity, peace, harmony, joy, laughter, inspiration, growth, prosperity, hope, excitement, new to come xxxx

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