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by bekind

I am overwhelmed by all the Indigo Adults. I have known about Indigo children for years and thought it was only about my children. I am thrilled to find what seems like thousands.

I too have had the same life as all of us, so I won't detail here. The pull however "to get on my path" the overwhelming empathy and sadness for the world. The incredible need for information-reading everything I can get my hands one. Knowing something, feeling the need to do something but not knowing what it all means..arghh it is challenging to get through what seems like pointless (but necessary) daily tasks..

How can we get organized? How can we collectively group and start planning? ...time is really running out ...but I know you all know this ..we are about to head into another financial roller coaster...

Anyone up for Sedona AZ?

bekind AT ymail DOT com

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Nov 01, 2011
Sprirtual Atom Bomb
by: Anonymous

I have a pretty cool book that I am releasing soon at Both website and book will be up in maybe the next month or two. In editing phase of completed book already. Anyways, it is created to blow apart any old remaining constructs of the chrysalis used to evolve you. It's called the spiritual atom bomb and it is written using deep poetic truth from the heart along with advanced spiritual technologies like Neuro linguistic programming, conversational hypnosis, and positive psychology. It is pretty much designed by the architects of the universe in order to induce a spiritual awakening or transformation. Once this happens, things that you mention in your post such as what am i to do will start to click at and exponential rate for you. Peace.


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