Indigo Liberation Movement

by Rev

I wrote this story because a lot of friends encouraged me to do something I love. And I’m very passionate about this. I call it The Psychic Liberation Movement

I’d like to first start off with I’m not an activist or anything like that. I’m what some would call an Indigo Child. And this story might be the last I post on here. But I believe it is my job to inform you all of a new and better way, a new generation, and the beginning of a new time. This is the leap in mankind that everyone has been waiting for and all have been ignoring. We need to save the Earth and put a stop to pollution, racism, sexism, etc. I’ve been talking to people on here, and there are so many of us on this one site imagine how many around the world. Why don't those people out there that say they really get us and want to help us, stop making videos and books about us and actually HELP us!? Those reporters, authors, directors need to stop making money off of us.

We need to crush the way scientists and normal people think and old bad habits. This is the beginning and people need to know it. We need to start coming together, learning from each other and start preparing for the change! Because if some people like it or not it is right around the corner.

“What can the government do to us? There are too many of us and supporters to just cover us up….” An excellent point a friend of mine made. What we have to do is organize...

Who's to say we can't make our own newspaper and send it out to others like us, and have meetings for people like us, not those rip off things either real ones completely free and then maybe start our own website then our own church, then maybe a school and then who knows, even a community! Something! But we shouldn't be ignored anymore!

And we don't have to be, we choose to be! People never changed the world by just listening and saying they’re going to do something. People changed the world by actions. Going ahead of what people said and doing what was out of the ordinary. It takes one to get noticed but everyone to change it. I don't want to be a Guinea Pig and I’m sure none of you want to be either. For some interviewers or authors or money seekers It would be a huge leap for mankind, knock down the old ways and make way for the new generation of indigo children. And if someone acknowledged the matter they could really make a difference. Of course it wouldn't be easy, but going to the moon was hard too, but they decided to do that anyway so please stand up to the challenge with me.

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