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Indigo Light Within

by Jai
(N Ireland)

Can it be? Or is it just my head? Hi my name is Jay, from Northern Ireland, as I sit here writing this, I'm asking myself, is this possible, that an indigo light within me, could direct such force and directional ability of indifference?

My experiences:

1: I feel people's emotions when they're off the scale.

2: I feel people's thoughts at times.

3: I think I'm precognitive, as I have seen myself preparing for situations which are yet to occur.

4: This is the mad one: Sex not really interested in it, to connect at a soul level is more fulfilling for me. Oh by the way I'm gay, or attracted to the same sex, but at a deeper level, if that makes sense.

5: I feel my body being stretched, then I walk into it.

(Your thinking now, he needs a doctor!)

6: Sometimes if feel the presence of something, blend with me, almost trance like.

So, I would welcome your thoughts on this.

For now good day.

J x

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Feb 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

I'm just browsing today and I came across your comment. Id just like to say good for you to connect with people on a deeper level than just sex. I know your a gay man, but its refreshing to hear a man say something so deeply honest!
Something touched me when I came across your comment and i felt I should let you know that your not alone, and your definitely not crazy! Its this world we are apart of that is soo special, that I believe God has sent his "special people" into it to save and bring as many people to his light as possible. The "normal" people are simply scared of the unknown. But WE are here to enlighten and perhaps save them from themselves, along with our own troubles. (by the way id forgotten if you had even said whether your male or female so I apologize for my conclusion but I still respect your way of thinking!)

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