Indigo Mind Readers

by M-blair
(it really honestly depends (army family))

I am 13 yet old beyond my age. I see spirits love animals (as many people do, indigo or not). The weirdest thing though is my mind thing it isn’t exactly reading. (When I get direct exact info I am never thinking about it and don’t notice till people start freaking about it). I am learning to read auras (they have been proven real by science using electromagnetic cameras) though I have to concentrate on the person’s chakra for a minute before I get it sad I know.

Here’s a note for young Indigo people who struggle with themselves to be given proof that they are Indigo. Just look at the people around you. Those superficial negative people are not like us, you’ll see clearly the difference.

And for seeing spirits is my thing though you may be in mind reading or auras my friend can actually move things. (I personally suck at this and to make myself feel belter say I am going to move a leaf then wait for the wind to come) so I guess what I am trying to say is don’t doubt yourself and get discouraged look it up and if it makes you feel better. Take tests on line but overall just believe and breathe. (;

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May 26, 2013
Platinum Indigo
by: Sylvia

It may be the Pleaidian aspect of me getting overly emotional, but posts like yours fill my heart with so much joy! For a 13 year old to take the position of a strong leader, even just by offering comforting and soothing words like you awesome :) I ask my guides and angels to deliver to all parts of your being, an infinite surge of love and healing..may you remain strong-willed and big-hearted on the rest of your journey..may you keep standing up - even if they try to knock you down..and for goodness sakes, remember to speak up and fear not any repercussions! It is thanks to souls like yours that we are able to invoke a positive change in our world and change humanity for better!
Thank you again little Indigo, hope you are doing well!

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