Indigo Mom with Two Indigo Children

by Sandy
(Northern California)

Hello! Found this site because ZorbaZiv is the best psychic I've ever consulted! When I heard that he had started this site, I visited it immediately. Anyway, I read the article about Indigo adults and realized that I must be one. I always thought my "different" qualities were because I was an old soul. Perhaps all Indigos ARE old souls?

Saw my first spirit when I was about four - actually I think it was a nature spirit. It was calling my name over and over again, so I went into the kitchen to tell my Mom, and she wasn't having any of that! That was the last time I saw a nature spirit until I was in my forties - must have blocked their communication.

During grade school (in the States) had problems with breaking into tears when people were mean, especially when teachers were mean. Very embarrassing for both myself and the mean person! Did very well in school except for my sensitivity. Loved to paint, and sing. Loved to be alone in nature.

High school of course was challenging (for everyone I think!). Discovered a talent for clay sculpture, and for opera singing. Wasn't ready for dating yet, so just had crushes.

College, more major problems with being "too sensitive", and being blown away by people being thoughtless, or purposefully cruel. Suffered A LOT. Discovered English Literature, and found solace. Two years in found a soul friend from past lives, and became half of a monogamous couple - still going strong 36 years later.

Sojourned to California and had some adventures. Then, embarked on parenthood, and moved back to the Midwest to be near the grandparents. However, as soon as my daughter was born, was moved to take a class in psychic awareness. It was the 1980's, and there were not many classes like that in the Midwest at that time. Also, there was something about my daughter that made me think that perhaps some knowledge of psychic stuff would come in handy. Which of course it did. It was about this time that I started to see Space Brother UFO's, and telepathically talk to them. Was very interesting time.

After moving back to the Midwest, life became much more pedestrian. There did not seem to be any space brother ships above the Chicago area. There was also an extreme feeling of living someplace with a "lower ceiling", as if I didn't have enough room to stand straight. Four years to the day, we had our second child, who I believe is my soul twin. Happier than I ever had been, the next few years passed in a state of amazing bliss. Then, my health faltered in a major way.

First I grew allergic to almost all food, where if I ate a food, my throat would swell up. This condition persisted for about a year and a half, until I discovered that I had a systemic yeast infection brought on by a mouth full of amalgam fillings. After almost starving to death, but persisting because I wanted to be here with my children, all the fillings were removed, and the yeast killed off by a months worth of diflucan. But, two years later, I started to have dangerous asthma all the time.

Also during this time, I started to see and talk with fairies. I experienced many spontaneous past life memories and moments of Déjà-Vu. I met someone I had shared many past lives with, but who did not want to work through the karma that still existed between us.

After about two years of asthma, our family decided to attempt a move to California, since my health had always been good there. Sure enough, the climate in California seem to work miracles with me. I now refer to Illinois as "my open grave" to both discourage any homing instinct of mine that could prove fatal (for every time I go back there, my health gets worse very quickly), and also to help me think humorously of that time where it felt like the universe was trying to grind me out of existence.

It was only in the last year of living there that I realized that the seven year period where I could hardly stay on the planet corresponded to transiting Pluto being opposite my natal sun. Also, I happened to be living under my Pluto Descending line in Astro Cartography. Definitely an open grave!

So, now with a newly extended life, at the ripe old age of 55, and with two kids in college, I'm taking stock. Three of my screenplays are semi finalists in a major screenplay contest - and will hopefully make it to the next stage in the competition. A new script is forming in my head, and that will be the next project I write.

Anyway, that is my story up till now. I've found my life works so much better if I live it from a place of self-love (which I think was my major life lesson for the life I was born into.) Now, that I've either combined two lives, or just majorly extended my old life, self-love is a given. And, of course, with that as part of my foundation, anything is possible!

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