Indigo Past Event Seer

by MacAuley
(Syracuse, New York)

Today I realized that I am an indigo. My Indigoness comes from my past life I was a Native American of the Iroquois Tribe. We used to smoke the peace pipe, and whenever I did I would see the bird people, I know this because it happened in my dream. Whenever I dream, I see the fragments of peoples past experiences. Whoever I talked to last, or whoever is on my mind, I look down upon their past.

For example my best friend was in a car crash and it was a hit and run and he didn't remember the license plate. He remembered the face and the car, but not the license plate number. He was injured and I read the license plate to the judge. He was caught and was charged with attempted murder. Mind you, this guy was actually trying to hurt them. (I know this because of my vision).

This and many other experiences have led me to the internet in search of what I am. I am an indigo child. Hear me roar!

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