Indigo Pattern Connection

by Dave-
(Minneapolis, MN USA)

As a youngster I saw spirits and had a UFO encounter at 4 years of age in broad daylight with my siblings.

I have been drawn to the supernatural and everything that is not taught on the earth to the public.

I have witnessed many spiritual healings and grew up in a very spiritual home. I have had over 40 UFO encounters and many encounters with spirits. I am shocked at the ability of people to dismiss these events as flights of fancy. I never understood how people could be so closed minded! I understand we all came from the same place and will eventually return their one day, but how can you be so simple minded to not have any connection with previous incarnations. I bet if everyone could recall their dreams and vividly discuss characters in those dreams it would be painfully clear the majority of the people we interact with in our dreams are not know to us in this current life!! As well as the things we fear in this life we brought those fears here with us, we didn’t pick them up here.

That would make folks think, (maybe)!

I am shocked at the simple lives that people are living which allow our society to progressively degrade and decline because of the “Lemming” style of life being taught to the people here on the earth today. Working our whole lives to make a living and perpetuate this global mass deconstruction is ludicrous!!

We are meant to work with our inner abilities to teach one another about love, nature, balance, and peace and how to progress ourselves through universal awareness using the natural elements found here on earth and within each other’s souls not from slaving in a 9 -05 world, allowing wars and inhumanity, and irresponsible governments turn this earth and its people into ashes. What a hollow empty experience we perpetuate with today’s lifestyle!!

Time to wake up “spiritually, ethereally and literally”! Please help the world whenever you can.

I feel that the ancient knowledge has been collected by the world governments and religions and hidden it from mankind to keep us enslaved and forced to take the handouts thrown at us. (Shame on them).

So the population of the earth has been misled and kept dumb and blind to what the earth is and what we (human) are all about.

The world governments have colluded with the negative entities from the universe and corrupted the masses of people and sickened the earth with its wicked, greedy, war mongering ways. The powers that be have created religions to steer people from becoming fully developed to reach the true potential of missions we came here to achieve.
This earth is meant to be proving grounds to expand our consciousness with one another and nature, not to deprive it of its natural resources and use money and power as a measuring stick for success.

The Earth is overrun with lemmings that don't want or won't wake up to the universal consciousness that is becoming overpowered to the gifted seers here in these (end) days.

I know I have come here to witness the end of the Earth as we know it and usher in the long awaited change which will remove the evil empire that currently controls the world’s governments, religions and poisons the minds of the weak and weary.

Let’s band together in prayer and ask for the help needed to make the coming transformation quick and painless for the down trodden.

Peace and Love.

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