Indigo Phenomenon Awakened

by An Indigo Psychic
(GA. - USA)

I have just read a few of your stories and felt compelled to share mine with all of you.

I grew up the same way as most of you; I always questioned everything and no one had the answers so I just grew more and more aggravated with the people who were my piers.

When in school I would never do homework or class work but I would ace every test. Doing this got me a passing grade but would make my teachers mad because I was disruptive and knew more than they did. As I grew up I moved out and at 15 went to work. I was always better than most at any job I would do. I always had things happen that I could not explain and at that time in my life I just tried to shut the door on it.

One day my grandmother died and everything that I had buried came back like a bomb going off in my head. I was so overwhelmed I would get mad at everyone around me for no reason and then cry. I thought I was going crazy. One day my wife was watching TV and saw the program about psychics and happened to tivo it. When she saw the part on Indigo phenomenon she called me and told me I have to see this.

I came home and watched the show and it described me. The next day I went to a new age book store to find out more but they only had books on Indigo kids not adults. I got one anyway. The lady that helped me find the book suggested I see a psychic that comes in to the store a few days a week and gave me a store flyer.

I took the book and the flyer home and talked to my wife. The next day she booked an appointment with the psychic for me. I had never been to a psychic before and I thought it was going to be a bunch of B.S. but when I walked in I got the feeling I knew him and the first thing he said to me was “this is only the second time I have done a reading for another psychic”, I did not know what to say.

After my reading he gave me some information on a psychic development class that I signed up for and the door has been opened. I can not tell you all of the things I have learned but I can say I am for the first time in my life on the correct path and it is great. I still do not know where I am going but I am having fun on the trip for the first time.

This Indigo Adults book can help identity if you or your kids are Indigos. Read it if you want to better understand what makes you different, why you are here, and what you are meant to do with it.

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Jul 24, 2011
Strength in numbers
by: Second Bishop of Athens

Are there any events or gatherings? More and more energies are emerging and attempting to be blocked for control. If these energies were combined and focused the universal mind could be further opened and we could weigh in to again balance the scales.

From the new ark in the great river.

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