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Indigo Purpose

by Sue
(Carson, USA)

When I was a child I used to hear, “you must water things like plants and grass for them to grow and flourish”. They should have said, “People also need the same”. People need to be watered just like flowers. I believe music can water and nourish our spirit. I love the sound of water. To me water feels so free and if you listen closely you can hear angels singing. Indigo people do travel with angels, I know this because I have seen them and I have heard them many times in my life.

Being an adult indigo I see beautiful colors around people when I look at them. I believe I was sent to enlighten other indigo people; indigo adults and also the new ones we often call crystal children. It is not always easy to see who they are, but they do somehow reveal themselves. As I look back in my life I recall seeing many indigo people; several in my family and many amongst my interesting friends.

My niece is a gifted indigo with the heart of an angel and the radiance of a crystal stream. I have watched my niece grow into a beautiful woman. She is now coming into her real spirit with a true purpose. As I see this I’m so happy. I will encourage her on this path. I am watching my whole family gain spiritual purpose. Even though my family came from a lot of dysfunction, but to my delight we have all turned around beautifully. Having a purpose is very important; it is like fresh water pouring over you, pure and clean, with a lovely scent. This indigo adult is singing like the angels. Love Sue

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Sep 29, 2011
by: D.K

Hi there,Im very confused. . .Ive been to a few people concerning my "weird" but gift that I recieved.What is the "default" or "regular" purpose of an indigo child like myself?

Oct 04, 2007
Passion and Purpose
by: ZorbaZiv

Hi Sue, you truly are enlightening and uniting Indigos. Thank you.

And if you haven't yet heard Winsor's sage advice about effortlessly discovering your destiny you are in for a real treat. See the movie on

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