Indigo Realm Empire

by Andrew

I found out I was Indigo a couple of years ago after I began writing my autobiography. I was amazed to find many miss-interpretations of Indigo. Just kids, crazies, gay etc. At times I have questioned my Indigo since. Then I remember things I know to be true and real. Like asking or telling people to play a 3 digit lottery number, or of how there were people alive in the Andes mountains after the Rugby players plane crashed into it, -after having a premonition or a dream. Then, as with others in my family to some extent, have the enabling ability read persons, places and things to insight seconds, hours, days, months or years before it happens. Especially when people ask, "How did you know that....." I knew the United States would be in the Middle East since age 5. I talked about 9/11 six months prior to it happening. The FBI came into my university classroom and proceeded to detain 9 people in a Florida flight school only to release them a week or so later. They were all involved with 9/11. They only wanted to learn how to take off. Or what of my telling of both space shuttle disasters weeks and months prior. The psychiatrist who sat with me as the first one blew up in the 1980's came back into the room to tell me, "There are some things science cannot explain". What of our current president? How long will it take for the powers that be to have the United States leverage their way into Africa. Will they back down or stop in fear the American public is waking up to the fact it is not God or the Devil that is to blame, it is sadistic minded people that are to blame. I have been called a freak throughout the years, I think it a compliment, after all, -to me-, it is their way of looking up to me and saying, 'You didn't abandon you true self. You didn't let people tell you your natural given abilities, that we all grow up with, are from adolescent, delusional, paranoid, or made up realities'. Once or twice is a coincident. I didn't grow up with a whole lot of parental, poetical, or biblical guidance. This is the greatest gift I could have received, - to develop naturally. My goal is that Indigo not be defined and categorized for us as the great Indigo's of history have been shelved as naive, soft, or unrealistic for today's society. Shakespeare, Mary Shelly, King Akbar of India, Nostradamus, Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, - as imperfect as there Indigo my be such as myself,- these are the beginnings of my dream team. They are what is real whether privy to it or not. Where I would like to start defining Indigo is that, Indigo is good natured, peace loving, sharing, kind. This is what humanitarian is defined by. I heard that the youth of today is taught sending a man to the moon is humanitarian. Though a great feat, it has nothing to do with the heart of humanity. Where am I at with no one to listen? I for one will not abandon the human spirit, or redefine it in the name of greed and tyranny. I do my part to wake up with the World, with. I believe we are all Meant for Greatness. I have only began to tell my stories and teachings. You see, the greatest misconception is Indigo is new when in actuality it has been around for centuries.

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May 06, 2010
finally...could it be?
by: Anonymous

Andrew, if you are for real, it would be nice if you contacted me. joninamerica @

Alone and surrounded by people, but not lonely.

Mar 09, 2010
Interesting post
by: Anonymous

I read your post and was amazed. I tend to lose hope or my beliefs in the spiritual because of so many horrible things that go on in the world. Your post made me have hope for today.

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