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Indigo Seeker

by Dennis
(Kansas City )

I'm Seeking Other Indigos Like Me

I'm Seeking Other Indigos Like Me

Hi my name is Dennis. I am 19 y/o right now and am an indigo child of the Pleiades. The awakening process is so intense. I have visions and I see things others can't see, like spirits, angels, and lights. Also have smelled things like incense or flowers when there is absolutely none around.

None of my friends my age understand and it is so much to learn and I don't like not having someone around my age to talk to about it and relate. And even be friends with. I am very selective about my friends but if you are like me then I'm sure we'll have a connection. As you know if you are truly an indigo, you long for a friend who will understand you, That you can tell anything to.

I also have a connection with the Faerie realm and I have met my Faerie spirit guide. Her name is Leannah and she gave me a special message. She's the only spirit guide I met so far, who I'm aware is my spirit guide. But I very well may have met more in visions and dreams. There's a few possibilities that come to mind.

Its pretty lonely being an indigo with no friends that truly understand you.

I'm looking for others like me.

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Nov 28, 2018
My Indigo Daughter
by: Christy Daniel

My daughter is Indigo she is from Lyra I am of Vega. Elise Rain is her name we are both aware of our gifts psychic and telepathic ect.

We both have visions and are close to fairies as well. She speaks of her past life and another mother she misses so much.

Feb 26, 2017
Indigo child
by: Ms. Starr

Well Dennis welcome to this page. Hopeful you will find someone your own age to help you. Awakening is very difficult for most of us. It is a time when we learn to control our abilities. I have been self aware my whole life. As a child i had my first spirit guide at age 3. She introduced herself to me as a fairy. I was asked to choose her color. Then she appeared to me as i wished. She was the blue fairy like in Pinokkio. When i became a teen I receive new abilities and she changed her appearance into an angel. She said that i excepted her as a child as she was because I didn't understand what she was. Which is how they appear to most children. Now my guide is just a spirit who has been with my in my adult life. They have changed over the years. Each one does what they we're directed to do by God. Now that is another thing to explain so i won't do it now. But if you have any questions i would be more then happy to help. No charge, since this is my gift.

Feb 25, 2017
You are not alone
by: Karen

I am an Indigo, raising two Crystal Children. You are right, it can feel very lonely at times, when I was younger I went through bouts of deep intense loneliness where I would sit looking up at the stars aching with loneliness and a deep desire to "go home". I suggest teaching yourself how to meditate, once you learn how to expand your consciousness you can connect with your star family. This will also help with the uncomfortable physical side effects of Ascension as your human body shifts from a dense carbon to a crystalline structure. I would also suggest (if you are) a meat eater, to switch to a vegetarian or full vegan lifestyle. Drink lots of water and don't consume alcohol. We Indigo's can not tolerate meat, sugar, alcohol and other toxic substances the way others can. Eat pure, drink pure, think pure, live pure, be pure. Your energy will be light and you will radiate that light. More light will be drawn to your light and that darkness and sadness will dissipate. Good luck on your journey, with much love, Karen.

Feb 25, 2017
Indigo Locations
by: Ian

Here is a page where Idigo People share their locations from around the world. Indigo Locations

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