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Indigo Seer

by Anonymous
(North Carolina)

I am an indigo there' no doubt about that in my mind. I might not have been if it wasn't for the spirit girl who used to visit me. She was the one to awaken my powers to a whole new level. When I was young at about 6 years old, I saw I figure outside of my bedroom door. I thought it was my sister playing a trick on me, as she often did, so I didn't think much of it. It was a while before I realized the figure was in no way shaped like my sister, nor did my sister recollect coming trying to scare me. It just wasn't her, because she took pride in scaring me and was adamant the next day that she did no such thing.

Aside from that though once I was half between conscious and unconscious I saw I figure standing over me but I was to scared to move, and the more I struggled to become awake the more I fell asleep. Eventually I fell asleep and what I saw was a young girl in the exact apartment I lived in. She was wearing all white and glowing. I was her. An angry man I recognized as my/her father came chasing after her, instead of waiting for the beating she/I jumped down the stairs in a moment of panic. I crashed to the ground unable to move but felt no pain. Her father came down the stairs still in a rage and crushed both her legs which I did feel.

This immediately led to my next vision in all its clarity. It happened exactly as I dreamed it. I could feel my warm coat on my skin and a chill on my face and could see the cloudy disposition of the sky. As time went by the visions stayed, no matter what action I took what happened was going to happen and I learned to accept it.

Eventually I learned to read auras but quickly lost that talent without my daily meditating. The re-occurring dream of the young girl no longer happened after I moved out of the house. At one point I had a guardian spirit protect my quite closely, I feel that he (at least it feels like a he) was always scared for me and though I was in quite a bit of danger so he stuck by me very closely. He would hold me at time as I would feel arms around me and his intimate touch on my neck and cheek. I felt him push at me sometimes when he felt I was in danger, pulling me out of dangerous situations, and he even called out my name when I became to far gone. Now he has let me be a little freer. I feared he was being too possessive, but he still keeps me close. I believe it was especially after I fractured my ankle that he really became much closer to me. I would feel his sorrow over my small hurt and I would soothe him to not be worried. My guardian is still with me as I write and smiling at me lovingly.

I am able to see right through some people. I can weed out their very last emotion by looking into their eyes with a clarity that can astonish them. Recently I've been able to tell just by their voice and needless to say no politician is safe from my powers. Unfortunately this comes at a cost to my confidence. I can't get to know a person intimately, because I question things like – “would you like to date me?” Their explanation of why not would run me over because I could see right to their words and the root of what they're saying. It happened once, and I couldn't bear it to happen again so I stay emotionally disconnected quite often. It's a bit sad, because I fear I may never feel a close emotional connection other than with friends or family but I'm slowly learning to let things go and go for that emotional connection.

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Jan 18, 2010
Never doubt your intuition :)
by: Anonymous

Hi Domini,

I too...have experienced many of the same experiences as you have. I have come to know, that those experiences and connections are daily and natural occurrences.

In your paragraph, about getting close to people, dating, etc. I can relate oh so well. I can't even begin to tell you how confusing and well, I'm not even sure how to articulate it, but it has been and continues to be a very interesting life! However, when you do meet someone who has a good and true will know! A person's heart is the most important treasure. It took me a long time to really know and understand that.

Don't doubt yourself. Always listen to your intuition...what ever form it comes in. It's always correct. Just let yourself know, grow and flow!!!

Best to you, Rowan

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