Indigo Self Discovery

by Llewna Wolfsong
(Michigan, United States)

I'm 34 and a sun Capricorn, Virgo ascendant. I've just recently learned that I'm an adult indigo. As a child, I always had an affinity toward animals, plants, nature, and the paranormal; which lead me to question my Italian catholic up bringing--always being at odds with teachers, priests, nuns and at times quite passionately at odds with my parents. I became a Wiccan priestess at 15 because the pagan path was individualistic; I can indulge in my creative spirit of artistic, musical, and intuitive abilities. I am a massage therapist and a natural healer and an amateur astrologer. I'm quite happy with this "new" indigo discovery since I have felt quite weird and alone up until I found my lifemate who is also an indigo; we are blessed to be aware of this and hope to do what it is we are supposed to do for the coming change that is upon us all! Bright Blessings to all!

Llewna Wolfsong

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