Indigo Senior Adult

by L Summers
(Rehoboth Beach, DE)

Indigo's Love the Ocean

Indigo's Love the Ocean

I know, senior adult, Indigo, what? - that doesn't fit with what most Indigo’s since many consider Indigo’s as being from a later generation. But, I assure you I am an Indigo. I have many of the same feelings, sensitivities and abilities that many Indigo's experience. There is a depth of feeling, overwhelm and longing that we experience. As an Indigo we are beautiful, sensitive, loving individuals. Along with these traits, we also have the longing for something, the sense of being different, and a need to belong. We can be lonely. We are very deep people.

Personally, I love being an Indigo - knew I was different all of my young, teens, young adult and now senior years. I relish my intuitive ability. I help people through my Reiki healings and spiritual counseling.

There is a strength in us. We have a gift to give to this wearisome world.

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