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Indigo Shoe Fits

by Bo Simms
(Colorado Springs)

I’m an indigo adult. I am sure the shoe fits. What I’m unsure of is what does it mean and how can I harness this (gift) if you will and learn more about it. I am 24 now but have had these (issues) as society in whole calls them since I can remember. It used to make me very angry but for years didn’t understand why I was mad or the cause. My family therapist and case workers told me it was my family dynamics that was the problem. But I soon realized as good as the intentions they had they were incorrect. I don’t know how I knew I just did.

Anyhow my mother and father are both recovering alcoholics and neither was emotionally there for me as a child not for a lack of effort. Domestic violence and parties were an almost daily thing in my childhood. But I don’t feel that explains how I ended up different for a lack of better words. Nor is it an excuse for some of the behaviours I exhibited in my past and present for that matter. I also from an early age have struggled with drugs and alcohol trying to fit in to no avail. I love to fix or repair anything and I love writing drawing telling stories anything creative or artistic really. I am constantly moving skating riding bikes (something)

I feel like I can do anything most days, if I choose to and until recently had no idea there were others like me and that I wasn’t just plain crazy. Other days I get so down I feel like it will never end then someone asks for help and I know it’s my job if you will to get whatever it is done. Any more info would be appreciated and accepted with gratitude.

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Mar 06, 2012
by: Art

Try reading books about Kabala. That's what they call it now-a-days. It's not that jewish religious bullshit they learn in Israel, no. It's just called Kabala for they don't know another word for it. I call this Visualisation or Paganism. You'll find many things that you've already experienced.

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