Indigo Starseed

by Midnight
(Rochester NY)

Wishing you magical blessings

Wishing you magical blessings

Indigo Starseed, we are so sensitive and caring. Our voices are often childlike and our eyes so expressive that people often stare.

Lonely and dreamy, we often express that we want to go home. Sometimes I say it audibly at strange times. Constantly seeking others who understand. Our psychic powers do not come and go. We are always at peak psychic ability with strong messages. Lucid dreams and visions are prevalent. We all have a problem with electronics or at least everyone I have talked to. Odd things happen and we have great perception of our surroundings. Most prominent complements are about eyes and being humble. No judgments here! Simply love and light is expressed to you all...

Blessings and love

Midnight Magical Spirit

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